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  1. Wren

    Wren Member

    Is it possible to get one keyboard on the touch screen, and a different one on the physical keyboard? As I installed the keyboard I had on my last phone, but it was rubbish on the physical keyboard and stopped all predictive text. The predictive isn't as good as I would like on the physical keyboard, so I was hoping to improve it not get rid of it!

  2. ChristianHJW

    ChristianHJW Member

    I do have the same experience, it seems that we are stuck to the preinstalled keyboard, at least if we do want to use the hardware keyboard.

    What i do like about the preinstalled version though is that it supports the German Umlaute '
  3. Wren

    Wren Member

    I have got the predictive text working a bit better by finding the settings on the world key on the keyboard, couldn't find them before (by going through the phone menus). It's still not as good as the predictive text on my last keyboard app, but better than it was!

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