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  1. eletki

    eletki New Member

    Hi, I was wondering if any one could tell me how to make my gmail (and maybe facebook) notification sound different to my text message sound. Is there a way to make all notification sounds different?

    on a Galexy S 4G

    I have read other threads but cant quite figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. trenchkato

    trenchkato Well-Known Member

    Gmail uses the system default for the ringtone. But for messaging and Facebook pull up the settings in that app and you can change the tone
  3. eletki

    eletki New Member

    Thanks, I actually stumbled across how to do it.
  4. mattymcfatty

    mattymcfatty New Member

    ...and then you elaborated on how, so the rest of us can benefit?
  5. Kimo19

    Kimo19 Member

    when you go to your gmail settings in app, click on your account name, then you have a choice to switch the notification tones.
  6. Sandbob

    Sandbob Member

    I would like to change my notification tone to something that is louder and longer. I have trouble hearing the notification. Is there an app that will give different notification tones?

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