Different Types of Notification Alerts

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  1. Poodge

    Poodge New Member

    I want to have a different alert tone or ringtone for different types of notifications: a different one for texts, for emails, and for voicemails. I have been able to do this with just about every other type of phone I've had in the past; I can't understand why these more expensive, more technologically advanced phones dump them all into one category ("Set as notification tone"). Am I missing something here? Is there an app I need or a setting on the phone I'm not seeing?

    Just to be clear, I care less about whether I can use customized ringtones for these alerts than just being able to distinguish between when I'm getting a text or an email. And if it helps to know, I have a Samsung Moment and my husband has a HTC Hero, and we are both having this problem.

  2. rubytues

    rubytues New Member

    I am having the same problem. I have grown accustomed to having separate notification alerts. Someone please help!!!!
  3. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    You need to go into the programs settings:
    e.g. Messages>menu>settings>select sounds then choose.

    Same goes for email. If you use gmail go into the program then do excactly the same and so on.
    If you would like to custom your tones then create a folder called 'notifications' on your SD card then copy your mp3 file into it, same goes for ringtones and alarms except folders should be appropriately called 'ringtones'-'alarms' then these should show up as an option to select. I have only done this for my ringtones so far and worked for me :)

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