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Difficulty in receiving emailsGeneral

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    MARVALLE New Member


    Someone can explain, because it is so hard to download emails when the Motorola Titanium Nextel is not in wi-fi?


  2. lstron01

    lstron01 New Member

    Hello, I am sorry to hear about your email issue. Is the issue related to emails not syncing at all off of wi-fi or is it the slowness in receiving the emails?

    Thank you for using Sprint.
  3. terrence1

    terrence1 Member

    There may have been an outage or an event occuring in your area at that time. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so, is this everywhere you go or only in one specific area?

  4. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    How familiar are you with data on iDEN?

    I do not have the particular phone in question but I have had Nextel for well over 10 years. Data on Nextel is painfully slow, the spec is something like 19.2 kbs in perfect conditions. That is less than half the speed of dialup and about a 1/4 of the speed of 1xRTT CDMA.

    The Blackberries on iDEN are tolerable because of RIMs data compression. iDEN Androids don't have any compression. You are not going to have very good performance downloading any emails that are much more than ASCII text.

    An option would be to use Opera Mini to view a webmail browser page if that is possible.

    Unless you need Direct Connect and can't/won't carry two devices there really isn't a reason to have a smartphone on Nextel.

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