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  1. amrkhaled

    amrkhaled New Member

    i heard that the colour of the phone differs i mean i heard that the yellow is the sports edition and the black has a carbon fibre back and i dont know yet what is special in white is that true and if yes what are the differences in them

    please help me thx

  2. bonesnatch

    bonesnatch New Member

    mine is black, and i don't think this is carbon fiber
    its somewhat cheap plastic, but its all good, dropped it 3 times already, no scratches or dents in its whole body

    still planning on buying a guard/jelly case, im worried that its body might get scratched, screen is fine i tried knives and screwdrivers on it xD
  3. Maseroche

    Maseroche Member

    The black is plastic and not Carbon Fiber. Saw White as well but haven't seen the Yellow yet.

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