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Digital download Licence expired flag Galaxy S

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  1. samsungwarrior

    samsungwarrior New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Bought a copy of sherlockholmes digitatal download inc.
    I used Windows media player to sinc it with Samsung galaxy s, the @500mb file loaded fine, but instead of playing it shows "This item expired Connect to PC and download licence." I saw the Digital download process retrieve the licence after I put the code in on the internet. It will play on the PC where the file was syncted from.The phone will play Transformers and Startreck, is this an Android problem/galaxy S problem or Warner Bros film Co. problem. There is a little blue exclamation mark in Windows Media player besides the sync file (which won't sync again.) which tells me about the Digital Rights which I'm not suppose to have.
    Sorry for the long post, any help more than gratefull for.
    Thanks guys


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