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Dinc Root, 2.3.4, no dice.

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  1. aronZona

    aronZona New Member

    Is there a method to rooting a Droid Incredible with 2.3.4 that has not been rooted previously? Does anyone know if Unrevoked is working on a method? I've searched everywhere and there doesn't seem to be an answer, can anyone help? Thanks everyone!!! :)

  2. Rooter28

    Rooter28 Member

    Search in the all things root forum....its in there. 2.3.4 downgrade and s off.
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  3. aronZona

    aronZona New Member

    Rooter28, Talk about a needle in a haystack, I'm still looking, if you happen to come across the info, post a link for it. Thanks bro!
  4. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    It's stickied on top of the page.
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  5. Rooter28

    Rooter28 Member

    What he said :)
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  6. aronZona

    aronZona New Member

    Thanks euph_22 & Rooter28. I've got the info, going to attempt next weekend, so if I do brick my phone, I won't be missing any calls.

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