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DINC2 Official Rom(s)Support

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  1. l2g2h

    l2g2h New Member

    Hey so simply looking for any official rom for the Droid Incredible 2 so that I can go back to an official rom for some troubleshooting.

    Thanks ahead of time for your time and response.

  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    Hey, Andybonestock or GingerBangSense S. Links in the All Things Root sticky.
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  3. swenpro

    swenpro Member

    After downloading/installing a USPS Mobile app (go figure) yesterday, my phone totally froze and would no longer boot up. Phone is all stock and never rooted. Very strange. Anyhow, factory resets were not working to properly restore the phone, so I was left to re-flash the original software.

    This is the link I found for the ORIGINAL software that shipped with the phone: [RUU] HTC Incredible 2 Signed RUUs (PG32IMG.zip) - Droid Incredible 2 / S - RootzWiki Note that if your phone is already upgraded to Gingerbread, flashing Froyo software will not work. Just go ahead with the latest version and you should be set!

    Better instructions on how to do the actual flashing can be found here: [RADIO] HTC Incredible 2 Radios [PG32IMG.zip] (Updated: 20 Sept 2011) - Droid Incredible 2 / S - RootzWiki It is wise to perform the MD5SUM check to ensure your download didn't get corrupted in any way.

    After a couple hours my phone is totally restored and now running smoother and faster than ever!
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  4. l2g2h

    l2g2h New Member

    I have no idea what you mean "just go ahead with the latest version" You mean choose one of the gingerbread roms? Sorry but I'm still kinda new to the flashing, haven't bricked anything yet but just confused.

    Thanks though for all the help and links guys! Been trying some roms but none worked. Will be trying these since I have some time with a day off. TGIF for me :)
  5. l2g2h

    l2g2h New Member

    so far andybones worked, needed to get my phone reactivated as I went to a different one but prefer the dinc2 right now.

    will fiddle with the other roms to possibly get this to a warranty status as it will power itself off every 10minutes or it did on the miui installed rom
  6. swenpro

    swenpro Member

    Yes, sorry for any vagueness, I was referring to the most recent ROM, which currently is Gingerbread. Note that these files are to get your phone back to bone STOCK, nothing fancy! ;)

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