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Direct contents sharing on internet without uploading them outer

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  1. frogiss117

    frogiss117 Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 27, 2010
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    GoldenPack published it's Fine Mobile Web 2.0 service.
    iFMW for android is a client app on this service and also a mobile web server app itself.
    With iFMW, I can share my contents on my Nexus One directly from phone to phone or pc over the internet.

    These are my Nexus One internet URLs to share photos and musics:
    My android privacy sharing photos https://frogiss117.ifmw.mobi/cgi/cs.htm?param1=b&param2=1
    My android privacy sharing musics https://frogiss117.ifmw.mobi/cgi/cs.htm?param1=b&param2=2

    (Passcode: 763a7)

    Can you look at them? And what about them?


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