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  1. zwielight

    zwielight Member

    I must be missing something, but can't even find it in the pdf manual. How do you disable the calendar alerts and notifications on the phone? These aren't Google-generated through my Google account since I haven't registered my mobile number through Google.

    I don't see the option to disable the alerts on the calendar settings nor on the phone sound settings. Please help, they're super annoying!

  2. zwielight

    zwielight Member

    I'm sorry if this is extremely obvious -- but I still can't figure it out. Can anyone please help?
  3. megabiteg

    megabiteg Well-Known Member

    Are you setting the alarm on the specific event? if not, can you be more specific? In my case my phone is registered with google and I have an Alarm section when I'm creating a new calendar entry. If I don't set this, I don't get any notifications.
  4. zwielight

    zwielight Member

    Your post made me look further in Google and I saw that some events automatically had alerts; I guess it turned out to be google-based after all. Thanks!
  5. soyday

    soyday New Member

    you can configure reminder times and choose "none" as well in the settings. enter the calendar app, click left button, settings, default reminder time. good luck!

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