Disable haptic feedback wothout using Power saver?Support

  1. maxwelld

    maxwelld New Member

    Does anyone know how to disable the haptic feedback on the L9 'Back' and 'Menu' buttons? The only way I found was to use the power saver "Vibrate on touch" disable option and have power saver mode always on. But then I can't use power saver like it was meant to be used.


  2. maxwelld

    maxwelld New Member

    I found it under

    Settings > Sound, at the bottom.

    I guess I didn't scroll down all the way during my first search. I didn't expect it under Sound, but not sure where else I'd put it. My first thought was Language and Input.
  3. bossmaster

    bossmaster Member

    Language & input >> lg keyboard click the settings symbol located on the right>>look for touch feedback

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