Disable haptic feedback wothout using Power saver?Support

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  1. maxwelld

    maxwelld New Member

    Does anyone know how to disable the haptic feedback on the L9 'Back' and 'Menu' buttons? The only way I found was to use the power saver "Vibrate on touch" disable option and have power saver mode always on. But then I can't use power saver like it was meant to be used.


  2. maxwelld

    maxwelld New Member

    I found it under

    Settings > Sound, at the bottom.

    I guess I didn't scroll down all the way during my first search. I didn't expect it under Sound, but not sure where else I'd put it. My first thought was Language and Input.
  3. bossmaster

    bossmaster Member

    Language & input >> lg keyboard click the settings symbol located on the right>>look for touch feedback

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