Disable network searching sound? Samsung Transform UltraSupport

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  1. bkaspar

    bkaspar Member

    When there is no network signal present, the phone makes some beeping noises...any way to turn that sound off? The phone is a Samsung Transform Ultra.

    Any idea what the sound file is called? Perhaps I could just replace the beeping sound file with a blank one.


  2. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

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  3. bkaspar

    bkaspar Member

    thanks...unfortunately no answer yet either though.
  4. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I don't believe it will be anything quite that simple... I loaded every file in the stock image into vlc and heard quite a few interesting sound files but not that one. posts that I have read have mentioned it being part of another file and not a sound file in and of itself.
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  5. bkaspar

    bkaspar Member

    Thanks for the try.....anyone else? Seems like a lot of people are having this issue :vollkommenauf:
  6. rfrayer

    rfrayer Well-Known Member

    Im thinking the sound is in the hardware itself, from what i know there are 4 recompiled roms based on stock for this device and all of them still have the same sound. My best advice if you are not wanting to here it since obviousely the beeping is happening from not having service is wile gaming or watching videos put it in airplain mode and then retick the wifi box in settings.
  7. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    Been trying to shut off that sound myslef. Best I could do was run a logcat while going in and out of service. After three months of continuously riding in an elevator I think I may have found something.
    I'm not sure if this is it, and if it is, if anything can be done with it. Hopefully there is someone who understands this stuff.

    I/TelephonyRegistry( 170): notifyServiceState: 1 home Searching for Service Unknown CSS not supported 75 4162RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
    I/TelephonyRegistry( 170): notifyDataConnection: state=0 isDataConnectivityPossible=false reason=null interfaceName=null networkType=0
    D/BT HS/HF( 440): BluetoothPhoneState : handleMessage : 1
    D/PhoneApp( 440): - state: DISCONNECTED
    D/PhoneApp( 440): - reason: null
    D/PhoneApp( 440): SignalInfoTonePlayer.run(toneId = 86)...
    D/NotificationMgr( 440): hideDataDisconnectedRoaming()...
  8. Fastomp

    Fastomp New Member

    gkak - Where did you find those instructions?, and have you had any success in fixing this with them?
  9. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    they're not instructions they are a log of what happens when signal drops and the sound is activated. sorry no luck disabling it. I'll ask blooddawn if he could include it in the next ctmod upgrade.

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