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Disable predictive textSupport

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  1. sword_guy

    sword_guy Member

    Hello. I'm looking to disable the predictive text on my Terrain. Is there any way I can do that? There's nothing in the settings. Even NEC could't offer any advice. I'm willing to try an app, or some sort of hack if necessary.

    Thank you

  2. sword_guy

    sword_guy Member

    I did some hunting around and discovered that NEC uses adaptxt by default. I disabled adaptxt and the predictive text bar went away. The problem is that adaptxt was the only thing which allowed capital letters and special characters to work properly! I need something that I can replace adaptxt with that will allow full and proper use of my phone's physical keyboard. Does anybody have any ideas?
  3. jungleexplorer

    jungleexplorer Well-Known Member

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  4. sword_guy

    sword_guy Member

    I've posted this a couple other places, but if adaptxt is disabled, you can get capital letters and alt symbols by holding down the shift or alt buttons (much like a regular computer keyboard). In this case, you are limited to what the keyboard has programmed into it (in other words, you can't get <,>,^, etc). If I *really* need any of those, I just google them and then copy the character and paste it... I haven't had any issues doing this (except that writing capitals and symbols requires two hands). Also, for capital A, hold shift with the thumb and roll onto the A button (while still holding shift).

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