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  1. technobe

    technobe New Member

    How do i disable the screen pattern lock? I don't see any option to do so in the screen lock page in settings. I've checked around and some have suggested to "clear credentials" found in the security page. I've done that but when i go back to the screen lock page i still don't see any option to turn off the pattern lock. Help appreciated and thanks in advance!

  2. technobe

    technobe New Member

    Solved! Didn't know that i had to tap on "screen lock" on the lock screen page and confirm the pattern that i was using. This brought up another page that gave the option to choose the kind of lock that i wanted! Wish they made this clearer!
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  3. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting how you solved this problem. Now others who come into this issue will have the fix!

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