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  1. eyeballer

    eyeballer Well-Known Member

    I really like the pattern unlock that android has, but I don't like.. having to both slide to unlock, then pattern unlock. Any way to disable the first slide lock only?

    I've searched, an found a few old threads but nothing helpful. Apps like nolock, disable both lock screens.

    Any suggestions?

  2. facemymusic

    facemymusic Member

    I've been wondering the EXACT same thing. I have NoLock, too, but I would still like the pattern unlock to stay on.
  3. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Well-Known Member

    the iphone is the same way..
    slide to unlock then enter password.
    i have the pattern turned off because i just dont want that many steps.

    i would like to skip the slide too and just have the pattern
  4. RichboyJhae

    RichboyJhae Well-Known Member

    Not trying to be rude, but does it really matter that the iphone is the same way?
  5. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Well-Known Member

    Lulz.. Sorry, I forgot Im surrounded by a bunch of fandroids, and not allowed to mention the 'iPhone'.

    Would you like me to edit my post for you, sir?
    Ill send my posts to you in a message from now on so you can make sure they're Richboy worthy.
    Not trying to be rude.
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  6. manoosie

    manoosie Member

    Looking for this as well.
  7. Sim-X

    Sim-X Well-Known Member

    same - any developers out there I would buy an ap that did this
  8. jeffervesce

    jeffervesce Member

    Nolock, which is available for free on the android market, disables the slide lock. But it also causes your device to wake from more than just the power key (camera, volume)

    Mylock works on my milestone 2.1, but you see the slide lock screen briefly when you wake the device.

    myLock_1.4b_rollback.apk, located here:
    Downloads - mylockforandroid - Project Hosting on Google Code
  9. kegacide

    kegacide Well-Known Member

    my issue with nolock is the volume buttons, id rather an app that will wake up the phone with the volume buttons then have to slide it to open... OR one where its just the power button and not the volume buttons and you dont have to slide... not both

    volume buttons will get pressed in my pocket...
  10. DAVEngineer

    DAVEngineer New Member

    Still waiting on this functionality... using NoLock in the meantime, but it would be nice to have only the pattern and not the slide.
  11. CzarMatt

    CzarMatt Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for this functionality as well. I've tried a few things including deleting the HTClockscreen.apk, revealing the Vanilla lock, only to find out that the Vanilla lock stays even after pattern lock is re-enabled.

    I've downloaded Extended controls to remove the lock screen initially only to find that it breaks my alarm clock - which was remedied by another alarm clock app. I'm running Baked Snack with a custom lock screen only for now until I find a concrete solution.

    The only other way I know of is using CM6 or another senseless based ROM.

    [Edit] Although apparently in THIS THREAD someone was able to disable only the HTC lock screen with SwitchPro App. Going to test this.
  12. snovvman

    snovvman Well-Known Member

    SwitchPro has similar effects as NoLock-- both or none. I too, am desperate for a solution. Can I mention that N1 DOES do one or the other ;-)
  13. snovvman

    snovvman Well-Known Member

    Lockbot Pro has potential. If we can get the developer to provide an "pattern only" option, it will provide what we are looking for.

    Another problem though, Smart Taskbar (sidebar) can bypass Lockbot because of the trigger zone.
  14. Brian Rubin

    Brian Rubin Well-Known Member

    Excuse me, but how did you accomplish this?
  15. coferj

    coferj Member

    Has anyone made any progress with this issue? I was fine with the slide lock until last night, evidently I can pocket dial even with that enabled...want the pattern lock, but don't want to do both...so, hoping someone has found a viable fix for this?
  16. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    there was a thread a month or two ago on xda where a guy was working on it. it as of then completely removed the lock screen all together. i will see if i can track it down
  17. snovvman

    snovvman Well-Known Member

    I know of no progress. This "problem" still exists with 3.70 ROMs. Very annoying...
  18. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    For those using NoLock, if you have SwitchPro widget, you can accomplish the same thing.

    I turn off my screen lock, and that also turns off the unlock pattern. Good luck in finding something that disables the screen lock but allows the password lock to enable.

    I think somehow, the password lock is linked to the screen lock. That is probably how the inactivity time is calculated.

    With SwitchPro, by disabling the screen lock, you also end up disabling the password lock. The inactivity of the password is somehow linked to the screen timing out.

    EDITED to add:

    WHen the screen lock is disabled, volume up, volume down, and the power buttons all wake the phone up. I do this on purpose so that I don't wear out the power button. I use the power button to turn off the screen, and the volume up button to turn it back on.
  19. coferj

    coferj Member

    I've pretty much worn my fingers down to the bone searching for something. It seems crazy to me that in development NO ONE would have brought up the fact that with pattern/password lock enabled that the screen slide would not be needed. Every program I have tested is either all or none as of now.
  20. snovvman

    snovvman Well-Known Member

    Agreed. My N1 and Epic, along with friends' Transform, G1, G2, Droids, and many other Android phones all behave as expected--pattern lock on, screen lock OFF!

    Maybe this is an HTC/Sense thing, but I'm suprised that no dev has come up with a way to defeat this.
  21. netter123

    netter123 New Member

    Also looking for a fix...gotta be a way around this somehow.
  22. rscarroll

    rscarroll New Member

    I just downloaded AntiLock, it has "No Lock Mode" (any button will wake the screen up) and "Skip Lock Mode" (power button wakes screen up). I installed and ran it with pattern lock enabled, it skips the slide locker (although it does flash onscreen for an instant) and goes right to my pattern lock screen (no Emergency number button though). Droid X with 2.2

    Not tested on an EVO 4G but hope it helps.
  23. snovvman

    snovvman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing this. I might give it a try. It sounds like this app "presses" the screen / slide unlock for you, rather than trying to disable it.

    I read the reviews, and many report that it stops working after a few days. Is this your experience? Also, how does the widget come into play?
  24. digitaldope

    digitaldope New Member

    I just installed the antilock app (service) today. I'll will keep you updated on if/when it fails for me. So far it does exactly like what we've been looking for - no slide lock but still pattern lock.
  25. coferj

    coferj Member

    I also installed today, so far working as we would want.

    Being that I am rooted and running custom rom, can someone who is not verify proper operation?

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