Disable Sync Live Feed If You Uninstall Friend Stream

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  1. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Well-Known Member

    Just a heads up to anyone who uninstalls FriendStream, make sure to go into your Accounts&Sync and disable the "Sync Live Feed" under facebook for HTC Sense (if you have that enabled). If you dont it looks like the phone just sits in an endless loop of trying to sync the feed. I rooted yesterday and saw my sync icon show up...i figured it would go away eventually but I woke up today to the sync icon still being there. Found out that it was my FB live feed trying to sync.

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  2. corywf

    corywf Member

    I can confirm this. The sync circle would stayed in the notification bar. I had to put the friendStream.apk file back in the app folder using the cat command. That will teach me to rename rather than delete files.
  3. jackattack

    jackattack Well-Known Member

    Anybody have the friendstream.apk file? I removed mine rather than rename it.
  4. fishiebubble

    fishiebubble New Member

    Ok, here's how

    1. press on the paint brush and palet button on the bottom right (Personalize button)
    2. Under Personalize display, press Lock screen Wallpaper
    3. Change your preferance to anything OTHER than friend stream, ie: wall paper, clock, weather etc...

  5. Vaman

    Vaman New Member

    Thank you for this simple solution. The latest update added this and I had not twigged that it was only the screen selected (by HTC) as a default for the upgrade.
  6. FierceCritter

    FierceCritter New Member

    OMG - I had to register just to thank you for this! I must have set this accidentally, and googling for days brought no answer, until now.

    THANK YOU!!!
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