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Disable sync of albums of facebook or picasaGeneral

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  1. somendu

    somendu Member


    Can anyone help me with the disabling of picasa albums and facebook albums into my gallery. Its the reason that i have disabled the auto sync feature of my xperia ray.

    I want to disable the auto sync for the albums. Its around 500+ pics in fb and picasa for me.....

    Please help me with that :(

  2. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

    Did you take a look here?
    Settings -> Accounts and Sync
  3. somendu

    somendu Member

    ah yes
    i do .. ofcourse...

    but when i auto sync... alll the options get .....

    oh yes... i found it :)

    i need to uncheck it for albums :p


    Thanks for the reply :)
  4. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Another thing you could do is go Menu>Settings>Sony Ericsson>Facebook inside Xperia
  5. somendu

    somendu Member

    Hi josh
    thanks for that

    if any one can help me .... albums are integrated .... and i want to delete the albums ???

    pleaseee ...
  6. anmar12

    anmar12 New Member

    settings-accounts -and open Facebook and delete the account
    just do that i just did it and its work everything is good
  7. lokesh1699

    lokesh1699 New Member

    U got to do two things
    1) remove picasa sync, you will find it in the drill down of google sync
    2) Get into the app info, by using application manager and hit on clear data to remove the thumbnails.

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