Disable Verizon Updates -- Rooted Phone

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  1. Does anyone know how to get the Verizon updates from downloading to the phone? I have name re-named the file otacerts.zip in the security folder and updater.apk in the apps folder, but it has not stopped them.

  2. tensazan

    tensazan Well-Known Member

    If you run a custom ROM like cm7 it won't update. Alek, if you flash one of the new rooted 605.9 stock roms it won't try to update on you.
  3. What did they do in the new custom ROMS to prevent the Verizon auto updates from working? Just curious.
  4. tensazan

    tensazan Well-Known Member

    He renamed the otacerts file and maybe some other stuff. But since it's 605.9 I don't think the phone would try to download an update by itself.

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