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disabled apps auto updating, and other apps auto updated, wtf!General

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  1. germ.sws

    germ.sws Active Member

    Just as the title says.

    I just happen to be on the phone browsing the web them all of a sudden the notification bar starts going nuts with updates. I

    I do not have auto update on and I have never had a disabled app update after being disabled (ie. Hindi keyboard, pinyin, Korean keyboard, etc)

  2. germ.sws

    germ.sws Active Member

    I just double checked Play settings and "update over Wi-Fi only" was checked! I am 100% sure that setting was set to "never auto update".

    Wtf is going on!
  3. kengreenlee

    kengreenlee New Member

    Similar thing happened to me, but only once. When I first got the phone, I turned it on and let the Store install all of my apps. I deleted some apps that I didn't want on the new phone and turned off auto-update in the Store. I rebooted the phone, and the Store started installing the apps I just deleted! I deleted the re-installed apps and doubled checked the auto-update setting (which was still not checked). I've rebooted several times since then, and the apps don't re-install. Not sure why this happened other than a bug somewhere.

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