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Disabling 3GTips

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  1. viny2cool

    viny2cool Well-Known Member

    I read this somewhere else and tried it myself. It works for me, so I want to share it woth you guys.

    I went into settings>>wireless and networkds>>mobile networks>>Access point names. Clicked menu and new APN. I created a new APN and named first 2 fields with Blank.

    Now I can select it, when I am not in Wifi area...and I dont want to use 3G. If i want to use 3g, i just select the default ATT WAP APN and its starts automatically.

    Also, when switching back to APN named Blank, I have to reset my mobile network. for that, I go to flight mode and back to normal.

    I am able to save my 3g leakage and battery drainage cause by 3g using this tip. Juice defender is great for its price..but if i can do it for free, why to pay $$ :).

    Please try it and tell me if i am missing anything here and feedbacks :D

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  2. Lagunar

    Lagunar Well-Known Member

    i tried that, it didn't work for me
    but APNDroid did!!!!
  3. Altair4

    Altair4 Member

    Cognition 2.2 Beta also has an option to turn off the data network by holding down the power button.
  4. viny2cool

    viny2cool Well-Known Member

    I tried APN as well, but even I disabled 3g it was still using data. so i tired fake APN and it working very smoothly for me. :D

    Did you reset your network? put it on flight mode and on normal mode.
  5. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Well-Known Member

    Instead of that I just force Edge network while at work (since the 3G signal isn't that great here). Edge should be using significantly less battery than 3G.

    Also, to quickly go back to 3G just toggle airplane mode on and off.
  6. RavenFox

    RavenFox VIP Member VIP Member

    Uhmm Juice defender is free [Ultimate is not] and it comes with an addon that has different stages of 3G lock down. Click it once 3G goes off when phone is asleep. Click it twice and 3G goes off completely. Click it again and 3G returns. There is a thread that has a detailed list of how to tweak juice defender.

    Devs own page:
    Oh and here's the thread
  7. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    there is also a data toggle widget that can do it, i used to use it before froyo but i dont remember the name but it worked well.
  8. jflexe99

    jflexe99 Well-Known Member

    The whole Cog 2.2 with ability to turn of data, true. It is a Froyo option when it finally is released, supposidly by the end of next month.
  9. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    its in the leaked froyo, its what im running
  10. viny2cool

    viny2cool Well-Known Member

    I downloaded juice defender, but the free version is not of much use. Now after 3 weeks, my battery is working good. Giving me like 15 to 18 hrs for light use. But I am a heavy user, so i dont need 3g to eat my battery at all.

    Also a new app called superpower, by one of the XDA memeber is great to boost battery.

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