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Disabling 3G?Support

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  1. oceanpenguin

    oceanpenguin New Member

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to sort out some confusion I've got regarding the way to disable 3G. As far as I've understood, this is the way to disable 3G and just use the regular phone network (2G?).

    Start Menu - Settings - Wireless & Networks - Mobile Networks - Network Mode - GSM only

    Have I understood that correctly? That GSM is the regular network (2G) and that WCDMA is 3G?

    P.S. I love the Xperia X8. The only thing that I hate about it are the pre-installed apps that come with. It's annoying that you can't uninstall them.

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    You can also use the Data Traffic widget to turn off your data. This is handy to have on screen and you add it from the widget menu rather than from the app drawer.

    This is what I use as the X8 I have doesn't have a sim in it with a data package so I just use it on wifi at home for any web browsing, Facebook/Twittering, downloading apps etc.

    As for the preinstalled apps, I would just rearrange your app drawer and put all the rubbish on the last page so you don't have to keep scrolling through them! You could root and get rid of them and there are a couple of good guides on here on the how to's but that is a choice you have to make for yourself given the pro's and con's.
  3. oceanpenguin

    oceanpenguin New Member

    I always thought that turning off the Data traffic would make you unable to make outgoing and receive incoming calls. Apparently it doesn't.

    Thanks. I don't think I'll use the widget though, as I don't have any need for 3G. I'll disable it permanently. I use WiFi for Internet. :)

    So I guess GSM is another network mode that ALSO uses 3G, just as WCDMA?

    Yeah I've seen that the option is available but I'd rather not touch the complicated stuff just to get rid of a couple of adds. I'll just move them as you suggested to.
  4. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    you have a new XPERIA
    soon you'll stuff it with apps
    and one fine day you will get "LOW STORAGE"
    cuz your phone memory is limited

    rooting gives you :

    1. SPACE
    2. SPEED

    still if you want to stay un-rooted, its your choice muhahahahahaha :p:p:p:p
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  5. alpharomeoair

    alpharomeoair Member

    thats right! muhahahahahaha to

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