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  1. cyber.freek

    cyber.freek Member


    I'm using a Galaxy S running a froyo custom ROM.

    I was wondering whether there is a way to disable the "auto lock" feature of the phone?

    The display can still shutdown based on the selected screen time-out time, however, the phone should stay without getting auto locked, unless its explicitly locked.

    Ideally, it should be like in the Nokia 5800, where the screen switches off after the given number of seconds, however the phone stays unlocked (unless its locked using the hardware button) and the display comes on when the screen is tapped/touched.....

    Is there any way something similar could be done with Android?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    I'd have to check, but I would think Tasker could do this (it can do nearly anything).

    EDIT: Yep, Tasker can do this. There is probably a very specific app in the Market that will do this for you, that may suit better than Tasker (which has a learning curve, but is worth it - its the most powerful application you can have on an Android handset).

    EDIT EDIT: If you're not on Froyo the app Toggle Screen Timeout seems highly rated.

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: Theres a lot of alternatives actually. Screen on Toggler, Screen Timeout Widget, Screen Off Timeout... Just search the Market for "screen timeout".
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  3. Macz

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  4. cyber.freek

    cyber.freek Member

    @Macz: Actually I have tried No Lock before and the problem with it is that when you have auto lock disabled, u cannot lock the the phone even with the hardware lock button on the side of the phone, unless u manually disable auto-lock first....

    @NZtechfreak: I have tried a few apps from the market as u suggested... but the thing is all they do is either simply disable the screen time-out or prolong it...

    ideally, what i'm looking for is a way where i can turn on the screen just by tapping on it.... basically, its like, if the screen simply times out, it doesn't auto-lock (unless i explicitly do it using the lock button on the side) and when i tap on the screen it comes back on.... however, if u lock the screen using the hardware lock button on the side, then when you press the home key or something, it will bring up the normal unlock screen...

    I will try out Tasker and post back....

    anyways, thanks for the support so far!

  5. Late66

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    Did you find any program to solve this problem??

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