Disabling Data Roaming (whilst abroad) yet still get MMS?Support

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  1. wow400

    wow400 Member

    I have data roaming turned off (as I travel outside the UK a lot & don't want to get any roaming data charges).

    Unfortunately this means that I am not able to receive any MMS' until I get back to the UK - is there any way around this?

    And why should it do this as I'd have thought there was a big difference in the data for MMS than for anything connecting to the internet...

    Confused of the UK!

  2. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    i dont think there's a way around this.. u need ur data connection to download MMS. the only thing u could do is to turn on data just to download the MMS :D if its a small sized msg, that is... other than that, i dont think u can..
  3. wow400

    wow400 Member

    Well I know it can be done as my iPhone used to be able to retrieve MMS' whilst having data roaming turned off & O2 didn't charge me for it..

    I'd hate the iPhone to be able to 'beat' my SGS 2 in anything!!!
  4. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    my old nokia n78 didnt need data on either, to send/receive mms. but it does need some kinda connection on, i think android turns off every mobile data connection when u turn off mobile data.. including mms data.. coz i had it as a separate APN on my nokia.. not sure about this though.. but if u did this on ur iphone, u'd get charged roaming rates anyhow, right?
  5. wow400

    wow400 Member

    Well that's what I would have thought - I had assumed that it was a different 'data' for getting MMS messages rather than data from the 'net?

    I mean every transmission from mast to phone is 'data' I just assumed they differentiated SMS/MMS/voice from anything else?!
  6. Ecophil

    Ecophil New Member


    I've been facing the same issue during a one day trip to France (I'm Belgian... No, it does not hurt... thanks for asking).

    I didn't think of it and didn't take time to test it but my Belgian Operator has provided a little widget for disabling Data when roaming that works this way: It renames the data access point names by adding a ".local" at the end of the server name.

    It does nothing more than that. Wanting to be on the safe side I prefer to use the Android built-in "disable data network connection" from the long press lock menu. But this does not allow the sending of MMS.

    Maybe just providing a "BAD" APN name is enough to avoid data connection for internet purpose while still letting the standard 3G MMS sending operational.

    Is someone away from home and willing to test this option?
    Would really be interested by the outcome.
  7. wow400

    wow400 Member

    I agree, it would be good to see!

    Although I feel MMS' should be outside of 'chargeable' data....

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