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  1. Gwieto

    Gwieto New Member

    I installed Sony Ericsson PC Companion for my Xperia Ray, and synchronised some music from my PC to my smartphone.
    Now I see that there has been a synchronise between my Picasa photo web albums and my Xperia Ray.
    When I open the Gallery I can see my Picase webalbums and and album with photos I took with the Xperia.
    I don't want my phone to synchronise with Picasa. I suppose this has something to do with my google account.
    And I want to delete those Picasa albums from my phone, but although I can delete the album with the photos I took with my Xperia, this delete option is not available for these Picasa albums.
    How do I get rid of those Picasa albums on my Xperia Ray?
    How do I kill the synchronisation of Picasa web albums in my Google account?

  2. somendu

    somendu Member

    as far as i know ... if synced.... u cant do anything... it would be there
    I had reset my fone for that

    to avoid it, if ur autosync is on
    u just need to deselect picasa albums from

    setting --> accounts and sync --> gmail account

    and also facebook if it is there

    better to put autosync off .... or just autosync only for contacts...
  3. phebex

    phebex New Member

    TRY THIS!!!
    Settings>Accounts and Sync

    Tap Activate auto-sync
    Tap your Google Account
    then uncheck Sync Picasa Web Albums
    back Tap Activate auto-sync for uncheck.

    NOTE : After you do this method, Never tap Sync Picasa Web Albums forever :D

    with this method you never lose your photos on picasa web.

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