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  1. quickmustang

    quickmustang Active Member

    Is there any way to disable the volume control button as it works on the ringer volume? I use locale, but I bump those buttons often enough and turn the ringer off completely.

  2. les017

    les017 Active Member

    Volume control widget on the Market
    . Access it via notification bar. Does not disable the buttons but any touch of the buttons get "recovered" within seconds after performing the simple setup. Possibly my favorite widget due to its perfect simplicity.
  3. les017

    les017 Active Member

    Volume control widget on the Market
    . Access it via notification bar. Does not disable the buttons but any touch of the buttons get "recovered" within seconds after performing the simple setup. Possibly my favorite widget due to its perfect simplicity.
  4. thetingster

    thetingster Well-Known Member

    I am having the same problem. Volume switch is too easily bumped. It would be great to be able to deactivate it.
  5. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    All I can find in th market is Volume Widget Pro by Spartan Coders. Is that it? There is no "Volume Control Widget"
  6. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    The app works good but I just don't like that i HAVE to run their app when I actually WANT to change the volume. I use Timeriffic for automatic sound changing based on time of day and I have a quick shortcut on my homescreen to toggle silent, sounds, and vibrate. The volume control app does its job and puts the volume back to the set point, even when these apps change it, which is of course undesired.

    Would be cool if the volume control app could differentiate a volume change event that comes from the volume rocker versus elsewhere and allow non-volume rocker changes to stick.
  7. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip on volume control widget. Just what I was looking for.
  8. Airforcemario

    Airforcemario Active Member

    Just downloaded RingGuard. Promts you if you would like to change the volume if you bump the rocker. After a select amount of time it'll revert to the previous setter before the accidental bump. Or you can confirm the change.
  9. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    ok anybody care to tell me which widget you guys are so happy with since there is no "volume control widget" in the market. Please. ;)
  10. Jerm13

    Jerm13 Well-Known Member

    RingGuard is perfect, thanks for the heads up on that app!
    Just what I needed.

    Still a shame the default volume control is so wishy washy...
  11. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    And if they made the volume rocker harder to press you'd have threads on every forum with people whining about how hard the dang volume is to change on this stupid thing!

    My DROID has 4 hardware switches. I ain't mad at any of them. :D
  12. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Apparently no one wants to help today! I have the same question.... :)
  13. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    The posts before and after Master B's refer to RingGuard ... sounds like the ticket to me. :)
  14. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Being the app testing freak that I am, I installed RingGuard. I think it does more than just solve this issue. Disabling the volume rocker would render it useless, but with this asp, it's still operable. Nice.
  15. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    Yeah actually, I am using RingGuard and its pretty slick. Thanks for the suggestion. Still wouldn't mind having a nice widget for this but I wouldn't want to bring an early end to the silence game...

  16. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    The app is just called 'volulme control' and it's the one with the lady bug. I don't think it has a widget. It's just an app that runs and automatically turns your volume back to the specified setting everytime something tries to change it.

    I'm going to check out RingGuard although this sounds like it also won't suit my needs. I want my app that automatically changes my volumes based on times to be allowed to change the volume.

    Otherwise, I need one of these apps (Volume control or RingGuard) to add time-based profile changing. I'm just awful at remembering to change my phone back and forth between ring and vibrate.
  17. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    Thank you for your response, it is appreciated. I am using RingGuard now and its great. I will aslo check out the ladybug :)
  18. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I originally read this and dismissed it - until today, when I pulled my DROID out of its holster, not realizing I had Pumped up the volume (You knew I was going there).

    Thanks to me remembering this thread, I am now also using RingGuard.

    Massive props to AirForceMario for the mention.
  19. x475aws

    x475aws Active Member

    Better for the apps to cooperate with each other. Something like, Volume Control would send an Intent saying it's going to change the volume to a certain setting. RingGuard would get the Intent (hopefully before the setting takes effect), and know to "auto-confirm" the change. If the other app authors are interested in this, I would be too.
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  20. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    I just installed RingGuard 10 minutes ago and thought it was great. While it's still a good app, it stops Locale from changing the volume when I want it to. Apparently you're monitoring the volume setting, as opposed to monitoring key presses on the volume rocker. Is there any way to monitor use of the volume rocker itself?
  21. Airforcemario

    Airforcemario Active Member

    My pleasure!
  22. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    i found an app called vibrate mode by force that basically won't allow you to put the volume to silent so if you accidentally hit the rocker to silent, it will intervene and put the phone to vibrate. its kind of in engrish, but it works.
  23. pastor

    pastor New Member

    Try "Ringer mode locker".its vibrate mode by force's higher version.
    its lock always ring,vibrate,silent,and never silent.
  24. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    thanks, good find.
  25. sustained

    sustained Member

    I liked RingGuard but I switched to MC RingLock and like it much better.

    - Locks ringer volume.
    - No annoying confirmation (like in RingGuard) every time I accidentally hit the volume rocker. You set it and forget it.
    - Also option to lock text notification volume.
    - Choices of Ring, Vibrate, or silent on widget.
    - It's a small widget.
    - You can customize widget colors. Hint - press on each setting in menu gives you color options.
    - The developer is very responsive to suggestions.

    It's a dollar, but it's more than worth it.

    Website: MC RingLock for Android

    NOTE: After you install it and lock in a volume setting, if you press the volume rocker on the side of the Droid, you see the volume bar change. That doesn't matter. Your ringer will ring at whatever level you set it at on the RingLock widget.

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