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  1. tithefug

    tithefug Active Member

    Hello all,

    The more I use my wife's Devour, the more I either need Root Access, or I need to get her a new phone (i.e. the LG Ally).

    My most recent annoying problem, is that there is no way to choose what app to use when clicking on an address in the Calendar. Every time I click on the address, it brings up a menu for VZ Navigator (which is not worth $10/mo when Google Maps with Navigation is free).

    Why doesn't this come up with a regular context menu that asks what I want to do with the address (like normal Android phones do). The Browser works correctly, but not the Calendar.

    So, my question is, is there a way to disable VZ Navigator from the Calendar app without root?
    Please help me before I throw this thing!!!!



  2. psiu

    psiu Member

    I never found a way--same way from within the Contacts, including if you want to send an IM to someone, it will use their Mobile IM app which uses texts (I have a 250 text plan) instead of through the $30 data plan.

    One of the things that led me to trade it in.
  3. tithefug

    tithefug Active Member

    How long after you bought it did you trade it in? We, unfortunately, are sitting at 3 months, so VZ stores won't do it. I have to make a call to Customer Service and see what I can do.


  4. phirefaux

    phirefaux Well-Known Member

    ive noticed that many sites dont include this phone as a vzw phone oddly enough which leads me to believe that verizon is phasing it out. im thinking wait enough time and take it in for "service" and with the warranty they might replace it with the ally.
  5. motoblur96

    motoblur96 Member

    i uninstalled vz navigator. it saves a ton of memory and convenience.
  6. tithefug

    tithefug Active Member

    VZ Navigator can't be uninstalled on the Devour, as it's one of the "stock" applications. If you have done this on the Devour, please share details on how this was done.


  7. psiu

    psiu Member

    I ended up trading it in about a month and a half after purchase--but I bought it at Costco so I had 90 days (I was locked into the contract by that time, but the return policy still let me exchange it).

    And it's apparently already being EOL'd by Motorola and Verizon. Probably doubtful we'll see another one like it, which is a shame because it came quite close to being a very nice phone in my eyes. Of course the same accountants and middle managers that probably doomed this one will make sure they don't revamp it slightly and tweak it to be something better...just dump it altogether.

    And I would be curious to know how VZ Nav got removed as well!
  8. motoblur96

    motoblur96 Member

    ill post a link soon, but it wasnt hard, hard to find though!
  9. FlJeeper

    FlJeeper New Member

    Can you share how you did this?

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