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  1. TiffLaurenM

    TiffLaurenM Active Member

    Soooo am I the only person upset with the delay in shipping. I pre-ordered my Note 3 with high hopes of it shipping TODAY (October 1.) Now the site says it will ship tomorrow (October 2nd) but when I logged in online it says expected to ship 10/4- 10/8 what a BUMMER!!!!

    I have been phoneless for 2 weeks thanks to some thief at chuck e chess and sold my iPad because of this phone being a tablet and phone (phablet) and now I am forced to continue waiting. Im sure it is worth the wait but I am upset and wish I bought it from the store instead at this point. I feel like I am the only one waiting for AT&T to ship me the Galaxy Note 3 -- This is torture.

  2. xenonsupra

    xenonsupra Well-Known Member

    Just go to the store and purchase one there. Just return the preorder once it arrives.
  3. eleveneleven

    eleveneleven Member

    "Just" That's quite a price to pay. Buying the phone twice and then when you finally get your pre-order return it? Not everyone has the budget to juggle two major phone purchases until they can return one...
  4. ctdog

    ctdog Well-Known Member

    I called two different AT&T stores today, neither had any idea when the Note 3 will be in. This is not going well.
  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Valid point.

    Cancelling a pre-order w/T-MOBILE is equivalent to pushing a boulder up the face of MT.EVEREST. :mad:

    Still showing as back-ordered,even though I called to cancel more than 24 hrs ago (no such mechanism to do so on the website),doesn't sound like too much to ask for.

    A local T-MOBILE clerk has assured me that even though the site still lists as pre-order,she can work around it & have one for me 1st thing in the morning (10/2/13). :)

    Hopefully,she'll be able to make the pre-order go away,especially the NEXT-DAY :rolleyes: shipping charge. :D
  6. TiffLaurenM

    TiffLaurenM Active Member

    LUCKY -- Im with AT&T though
  7. TiffLaurenM

    TiffLaurenM Active Member

    This is so unfortunate.
  8. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    You guys are getting me nervous ...I am with sprint, they didn't do the pre order. The site says you can buy it in stores and on line Friday. But I called the stores and they still don't have the phones in stock.
  9. TiffLaurenM

    TiffLaurenM Active Member

    def buy in store!!!
  10. thebabycheech

    thebabycheech New Member

    Yea tmobile only can carry jet black right now they are out of stocks and no watches
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  11. TiffLaurenM

    TiffLaurenM Active Member

    So i logged in again and through AT&T rather than premiers link and see that my phone actually has been shipped and will be here on Thursday xo

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