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  1. shinkyo81

    shinkyo81 New Member

    Hello there,

    the top glass of my Pantech Breakout finally cracked last night. The touchscreen feat and the LCD are unharmed, but now I have the annoying cracked screen on top of everything. Luckily enough, I have found another Pantech Breakout online which is not working, but seems to have a "like-new" top glass part.

    Do you guys have any experience disassembling a Breakout and replacing the top glass?

    Thanks in advance! :thumb:

  2. aigochamaloh

    aigochamaloh Member

    This phone is EXTREMELY easy to disassemble. Take battery, sim card, micro sd card out. Take the 6 screws out from beneath the battery cover. Then push a fingernail between the glossy and dull plastic and work your way around to get the clips off. Carefully undo the ribbons for the various pieces. When you have the mainboard off the phone chassis, you'll see the back of the screen, a grey plastic slab. There is a ribbon with a square box that is glued to the back of this near the top, but you can work use your fingernail to pry it off and slip it through the hole in the top. Replace what you need, assembly is reverse.
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  3. shinkyo81

    shinkyo81 New Member

    You were right. It is really easy to disassemble, following your instructions and with the right tools. I have a brand-new phone now... :)

    Thanks a lot!
  4. aigochamaloh

    aigochamaloh Member

    No problem, glad you got it fixed!
  5. gully52

    gully52 Member

    THANK YOU... This just helped me immensely in repairing my Breakout's screen!

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