Disassembling Eve

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  1. Scott86

    Scott86 New Member

    Hi. Picked up a used Eve on craigslist for what i thought was a steal($150 with 8gig microsd card)
    Upon actually closely looking at it though, i see there is some stuff on the lens and the screen is a bit scuffed up.
    Screen-wise, i was thinking of *VERY* carefully using some brasso with my finger, just to soften the edges. I know going too far can damage the touchscreen.
    Getting at the inside of the lens though, seems more problematic. It looks like just a bit of black gunk off centre(just out of the auto-focus box) that must be on the inside since wiping the outside has no effect.
    I thought it would be a simple case of removing the 8 screws on the back(6 along the edge, 2 behind the battery) and sliding a guitar pick between the seam to pop the friction locks off... but no luck.
    Anyone have some advice?
    Also, anyone know where to pick up cheap battery plates? There's a tiny crack in mine thats just cosmetic but if i can get a new one cheap id pay for it.


  2. Scott86

    Scott86 New Member

    I fixed everything except the camera lens now. Does anyone have a disassembly guide?
    I ended up getting an OEM touch panel off ebay instead of buffing the scratches out.

    So $175 for a used phone thats nearly in perfect condition that is $300 new... Just with the smuges on the inside of the lens which i hope would be easy to clean.

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