{DISCONTINUED}MegaTron 6.2.5 (Updated 7/13/13)

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  1. EGAcls

    EGAcls Member

    My MMS works fine TBH it seems faster Thanks again for all the work :)

    About to hit the Donations are appreciated link! :)

  2. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    edit...sorry i didnt see you wrote go sms...no i use the stock sms
  3. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Go to settings about phone system updates and update your prl and profile reboot and make sure you have more than 3 signals and try sending the picture again.
  4. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    i am using go sms and my mms is working fine without having to do anything.
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  5. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    Just tried to apply a UOT theme and it broke the notifacation bar...just a warning to anyone who mods with uot..dont know if tnis will happen everytime but just happened to me..restoring backup
  6. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    I too have no issue with sms using go sms.
  7. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    yeah i use adw for my launcher..i dont wanna have to switch to go just to be able to use go sms..inless you can use it otherwise? anyway not to big of a deal considering i dont send many pics over mms anyhow..but if anyone els is using stock sms and having this problem?
  8. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    nope mine works fine.. shevron 5.1 green

    actuallt, this rom runs really smooth on my device..

    just wish I could get this dam email app to work.. I honestly don't know what went wrong
  9. psycho4us4

    psycho4us4 Guest

    Is green out yet? Is it going to be a different download for each color?
  10. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    they are not complete. we still have to theme the settings, contacts, and dialer I was gonna start a new thread but I've been occupied trying to get odin working for the TU with some of the other devs around here..

    think Ill just get Chevan to put it in the OP here.. less confusion that way

    no its just a flash from cwm. you have to have shevron 5.1 installed on your system

    download to your sdcard((dont unzip))
    reboot recovery
    install zip from sdcard
    choose zip from sdcard
    (find it and choose)
    choose yes
    reboot systen now when done



    chev an I have been working this for like a month.. We'll get back to doing the themes and some other minor improvements to the rom shortly. as I said I'm gonna work on odin for a min being that it's very crucial for us to have. not saying I won't be around or anything just what the focus is atm. Chevan I think is working on porting Shevron to the warp atm but I could be wrong
  11. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    You don't need Go Launcher to use Go SMS bro.. two different apps

    EDIT: hroark got you hooked on that adw ex on cm7 huh?
  12. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    Yeah I use zeam and gosms... which is a great fit for me.. zeam is nice and lightweight and go sms has cool features like scheduling a text msg for us forgetful folk who don't want to forget birthday texts!
  13. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    I am getting (process system force close) every time I use the phone to call. It donnt end the call just pops up and has to be clicked. Ill try some app data resets in a few.
  14. splifmyster

    splifmyster Well-Known Member

    How do u change the color of it to green
  15. splifmyster

    splifmyster Well-Known Member

  16. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    yes sir ...
  17. sully92

    sully92 Well-Known Member

    MAN I LOVE THE RED. keep up the great work :)
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  18. genezix

    genezix Member

    I love the green theme so far, but I had to revert to to the blue because of the fonts. The smaller green (like the portions that tell you what a menu option does) are barely readable. Besides that everything looks peachy so far with the theme. Would it be possible to get the green and red themes with a more readable font?

    By the way, found out the bootanimation.zip that's used now is in /data/local now! :D
  19. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    loving the red
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  20. Rick1488

    Rick1488 Well-Known Member

    Hey does anyone have the original blue theme as I'm having troubles with the font in the nice green one? I'd like to see a more balanced blue theme if possible???
  21. EGAcls

    EGAcls Member

    Did you not do a backup before you flashed the theme? im not sure but to get the original blue again you might have to flash the rom again? i dont think there is just a blue theme yet could be wrong.
  22. djpabz23

    djpabz23 Well-Known Member

    Im having a problem recieving and sending MMS messages.. i Have 5.1. i tried updating my profile and PRL after and the problem still contiunues. I'm using GOSms btw.

    EDIT: NVM Problem solved, just followed what Lordvincent said
  23. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    Bootani is same place as always.
  24. reapert

    reapert Well-Known Member

    Hi guys I'm using the blue ver.5.1 Of the rom . I updaed some of the apps and. I started removing some when I updated root uninstaller it fc'ed like crazy I removed the update and it worked again so I finished removing apps that auto start and unneeded . And noticed battery life was iffy compared to starrom .6 and wanted to know why .also wanted to know where the default wp is in the rom .
  25. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Download font changer from the market to change the font to default, the theme will be updated later on so that you can see without having to strain your eyes. Im busy right now working on something for the Warp, and mavrik is also busy with odin and a couple other stuff. More updates for the ROM will be coming later on, No ETA.

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