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    MegaTron Features

    ⬛ JellyBean Statusbar Layout
    ⬛ Dcsms Toogles
    ⬛ Based of ZVC
    ⬛ Init.d support
    ⬛ App2SD Support
    ⬛ Removed bloatware
    ⬛ Zipaligns at boot
    ⬛ Extended Power Menu
    ⬛ Optimized ROM
    ⬛ Tethering Supported
    ⬛ DSP Manager
    ⬛ Online Nandroid Backup
    ⬛ OTA Support for the ROM
    ⬛ Default theme is TouchWiz, MIUI theme also available
    ⬛ Rearranged Status bar Icons
    ⬛ ICS Settings app layout
    ⬛ New boot animation
    ⬛ Xperia Launcher
    ⬛ & Much more features to discover

    Change log data
    Code (Text):
    2. [B][SIZE="3"][U]6/18/13 Version 6.2.5[/U][/SIZE][/B]
    3. ⬛ Clock Positions available for download
    4. ⬛ Re-added Online backup support "check MT settings"
    5. ⬛ Fixed Google play services
    6. ⬛ Removed Youtube
    9. ______________________________________________________________
    10. [SIZE="3"][U]6/14/13 Version 6.2.4[/U][/SIZE]
    11. ⬛ Original MegaTron Boot Animation Added
    12. ⬛ MegaTron PowerOn Sound Added
    13. ⬛ Fixed Account and Syncs
    14. ⬛ Fixed Bluetooth Issues
    15. ⬛ More Bug Fixes
    17. ______________________________________________________________
    19. [SIZE="3"][U]6/13/13 Version 6.2.3[/U][/SIZE]
    20. ⬛ Fixed Phone Fc'ing Error
    21. ⬛ More Bug Fixes
    23. _______________________________________________________________
    24. [SIZE="3"][U]6/12/13 Version 6.2.2[/U][/SIZE]
    25. ⬛ Bug Fixes
    28. _______________________________________________________________
    29. [SIZE="3"][U]6/9/13 Version 6.2.1[/U][/SIZE]
    30. ⬛ Based of stock ZVC
    31. ⬛ Quickpanel Now Powered By Dcsms Toogles and Lidroid "You Choose"
    32. ⬛ Swipe To Clear Notifications
    33. ⬛ Buttery Smooth UI
    34. ⬛ ROM Statistics Enabled
    35. ⬛ New Lockscreen Design
    36. ⬛ New Performance Tweaks
    37. ⬛ New Settings Layout
    38. ⬛ HotSpot Feature Enabled
    39. ⬛ DSP Manager Included
    40. ⬛ TouchWiz look-Alike Theme Pre-Installed
    41. ⬛ Flashable Zips for Time Position
    42. ⬛ Bug Fixes
    44. ______________________________________________________________
    46. [SIZE="3"][U]2/18/13 Version 6.1.1[/U][/SIZE]
    47. ⬛ Added Live Wallpaper Picker
    48. ⬛ Enabled Onandroid support
    49. ⬛ Fixed mms bugs for sprint users
    50. ⬛ Fixed Power Menu
    53. ______________________________________________________________
    54. [SIZE="3"][U]2/15/13 Version 6.1.0[/U][/SIZE]
    55. ⬛ Initial Release For LG Marquee

    Boot Animation

    Help Us Keep MegaTron Going

  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer


    Disclaimer: YOUR WARRANTY IS NOW VOID Neither myself or my development partner are responsible for any damage you do to your phone. All of our files/development are always tested extensively by several testers. If you are not familiar with these methods, I'd suggest that you do some research elsewhere to better understand before you attempt anything on your device.


    Boost Mobile: MegaTron 6.2.5

    Sprint: MegaTron 6.2.5

    Themes: Dcsms MIUI \ TouchWiz

    UOT Files:
    Use the apk's in this Zip when Usning UOT to theme the ROM


    First backup all your apps and important files

    ■Download the zip file DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE

    1. Boot into CWM.
    2. Choose "Install Zip From Sdcard"
    3. select "Choose From Sdcard"
    4. Locate where you placed MegaTron6.2.5
    5. confirm "YES INSTALL"
    6. wait for script to finish
    7. reboot phone

    First boot could take up to 5 minutes, the reason is because the ROM is going through its first boot and loading all the apps data etc. Once the boot is completed please reboot your phone 2 more times for the best experience with 6.2.5


    Clock Center TouchWiz

    Clock Center MIUI
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  3. chevanlol360

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    Q: How do i Change the Toogles in the notification bar?
    A: Open your app drawer and look for the OMG dcsms app, open it and tap on the Mini Icon at the top left where the title of the app is displayed, From there a menu will appear and you will find Power widget it the list tap on there to rearrange and app Favorite apps to the Menu.

    Q: Why isnt Theme working in the OMG dcsms App
    A: Server is down, Might never be fixed

    Q: How do i OverClock?
    A: Open the no frils cpu app and set your desired speed!

    Q: Why does my battery die so fast?
    A: make sure brightness is on auto and turn off auto sync, gps and 3g when not using them.

    Q: Why doesnt my statusbar appear immediately on boot?
    A: give it 1-2 mins for your statusbar to appear on boot "Espesically if your running 6.2.0+"

    Q: Why arent my texts going out?
    A: if your on Sprint follow the post below on how to fix that

    Q: Why did my phone blow up?
    A: Beats me! Have your self a cookie :pcguru:


    Loota & Oamilcar- Boot animation

    Quickpanel- Lidroid

    Bloodawn- Kernel, Tips, Idea's, MegaTron Settings Base

    KonstaT & Bloodawn- Helped with Debugging quickpanel

    Oamilcar- Boot Animation Sound

    Ameer1234567890- Onandroid

    Cmsjr123- Rom Stats Server

    Dcsms- Toogles

    WetBiker7- ROM Tester

    Tattooedgod- ROM Tester

    The~Skater~187- ROM Tester

    iNsTaGaToR- MegaTron OP Picture

    Lordvincent 90- MegaTron Logo

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  4. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    MMS Fix for Sprint Users

    First off open the terminal emulator app on your phone, it was provided as a system app in megatron.

    1. Type in "su" (for super user access)
    2. Type "getprop ril.MSL" (then enter to get you Device's MSLcode)

    Do it exactly as seen above make sure the MSL is in caps at the end.
    You will then get a reply with a number, thats your msl code it is an important 6 digit number.

    Go to your dialer pad and type ##3282#
    Tap Edit and enter your MSL Number
    Find and tap on MMSC URL
    Change the address to http://mms.sprintpcs.com
    If your using Ting as your service provider please use this address http://mms.plspictures.com
    Tap ok hit the home button and reboot. Mms and sms should start working.

    Removed APK's
    This is how you get back APK's that we're removed from the ROM
    Removed Apk's
    1. Download the above file
    2. Unzip it
    3. Copy the folder to your sdcard
    4. With Es File explorer or root explorer open the folder on your sdcard
    5. Copy the Apk's you want and paste them in /system/app
    6. reboot
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  5. shenz96

    shenz96 Active Member

    Been super excited for this rom! Thanks so much, downloading now.
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nice work Chev and congrats on the release today. Thanks for bringing MegaTron to the Marquee. :thumbup:
  7. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    Been waiting 2 weeks for this :D downloading now
  8. smokinjoe1979

    smokinjoe1979 Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks to everyone involved getting this rom to the masses. Downloading now!
  9. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    Thanks again chev. I'm glad I could be a part in this project, and thanks again for another badass ROM for the Marquee.
  10. Stlouizsin

    Stlouizsin Well-Known Member

    This looks amazing. Can't wait for the Sequent release.
  11. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    Quick question how do you apply the ICS Style theme like on the screenshots?
  12. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    You would have to ask skater for the launcher and theme that he used.
  13. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    OK ill ask him
  14. shenz96

    shenz96 Active Member

    If you do maybe you could have him post it here, i'm curious as well.
  15. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    Ill see what I can do
  16. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I sent him a text message so he knows you guys are asking about it. Give him time to get back with you.
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  17. shenz96

    shenz96 Active Member

    Appreciate it man, thanks.
  18. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, this ROM means serious business :D I love how it truly is buttery smooth. Excellent work guys; You have remedied to laginess the Marquee suffered since day one.

    I think Unilever's "I can't believe it's not butter" should be renamed to :


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  19. inkrypted

    inkrypted Guest

    Nice but I downloaded the Sprint version and had some boost phone numbers in my Contacts. Other than that it's a great rom.
  20. lovey08

    lovey08 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a great ROM i've read this on the transform ultra thread but never tried it just stuck with rooted transform ultra was happy with that before staring out testing the custom roms, ill probably get this one just finished watching the vid and i'd like to see it in action
  21. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nice to see you over here and that you finally got your phone rooted. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Also check your inox. I'm gonna send you a PM.
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  22. Damon48221

    Damon48221 Member

    Is there a setting for wifi hotspot or tethering?
  23. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    First you will need to download the Hotspot Widget from Google Play.

    This was borrowed from a TUT that was posted earlier in this section. I can't remember who posted it or I would give them credit. I just copied the instructions.

    What you need to do is install "Any Cut" or a similar app and then use it to make an ACTIVITY Shortcut that points to the LG Hidden Menu. There are three. One is a step above the other two, which are "Settings" and "Tests". You want your shortcut to be for "Settings".

    Once you have that, click it and go to "Data Settings" and then to "DUN_NAI" and set "Extend Modem" to no. After that, you can simply activate the hotspot -- in infrastructure mode -- through the Android Settings menu.

    The "Extend Modem" option doesn't persist, so you'll have to set it every time you reboot your phone, but other than that it works perfectly.

    Once that is done, use the Hotspot Widget to control your hotspot. :D

    Play no longer has the Anycut app but you can do a simple Google search to find it. Just type in Anycut apk. I looked and there are plenty of places to get it. It's a free app.

    Also, here is a TUT an how to make a hidden menu shortcut with a launcher like LauncherPro or ADW.

  24. Damon48221

    Damon48221 Member

    "After that, you can simply activate the hotspot -- in infrastructure mode -- through the Android Settings menu."

    This is my ?......where is hotspot in settings? And where is this shortcut app?
  25. Damon48221

    Damon48221 Member

    "After that, you can simply activate the hotspot -- in infrastructure mode -- through the Android Settings menu

    This is my ?......where is hotspot in settings? And where is this shortcut app? Will hotspot be imbedded?..like ctmod?

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