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  1. kyuubifreak

    kyuubifreak Active Member

    Do anyone know if best buy have stop selling Htc Flyer? :confused::confused: I wanted one for myself as a gift for Xmas

  2. LadyX

    LadyX Well-Known Member

    Still being sold .. and for way less than I paid!
  3. kyuubifreak

    kyuubifreak Active Member

    Then why best buy online mark it as unavailable?
  4. LadyX

    LadyX Well-Known Member

    Unavailable? They won't ship it to you but you can buy it online and pick it up in the store.
  5. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    I managed to order one earlier today.

    I've had the same problem for a while now and almost gave up.. was about to pull up barnes and noble and order the nook tab.. but, at the last second I decided to check "one more time" and bam it was there this morning.

    I don't know whats going on with bestbuy.. then again.. bestbuy is a crap company anyway.
  6. noollig

    noollig Member

    I bought one online today. It's supposed to be here in a couple days. Couldn't choose store pick-up but shipping was available. Not sure why you are getting an unavailable message.
  7. mrbigg9969

    mrbigg9969 New Member

    It was out of stock for a couple weeks, but they seem to have gotten a new shipment this week. My backorder is now on the way.
  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    They now seem to be totally unavailable again.

    not sure whats going on, but I wish those of you looking for it the best of luck.

    Strange this thing seems to sell like hotcakes but, you don't hear more of it.

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