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Discover Rebooting issueSupport

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  1. swamp1983

    swamp1983 New Member

    My wifes, Discover has been recently over the past two weeks started rebooting itself, and Pantech hasn't responded her tech. support emails. Has anyone on here had the same issue? We've attempted the take out the battery and clean terminals trick to no amends.

  2. BurtGummer

    BurtGummer Well-Known Member

    Did you try to do a reset? Pantech will probably tell you to do that whenever they respond to your email. If that doesn't work, they will have you call AT&T tech support and they will probably send you a new Discover. Good luck.
  3. IndyCar fan

    IndyCar fan Member

    Yes, I have had the random reboot issue also, which I believe coincided with the Jellybean update. I doubt a new phone would help, if it is a software issue. I haven't tried to figure out if it is one of the 70-80 apps I have on my phone. I just bear it, for now.
  4. swamp1983

    swamp1983 New Member

    Think we'll just see if we can take it up for a replacement to at&t since she hasn't had it 3 months yet.
  5. IndyCar fan

    IndyCar fan Member

    Just something anectodal: At work, when I enabled WiFi and tried to connect to my employer network, my phone rebooted. It restarted, and then tried to connect to my work WiFi, and rebooted again. Next time, I disabled WiFi as quickly as I could via Settings, and the phone booted up normally, and has continued to work for the last few hours. Again, just anectodal....
  6. alexbaucom17

    alexbaucom17 New Member

    I'm having the same problem! It happened a bunch right after the update to JB, which was really frustrating. But then it went into remission for a while and now, in the past two days it has rebooted at least 10 times, almost always when I am in the middle of writing a text.

    This is maddening! Any other suggestions??
  7. mandbru99

    mandbru99 New Member

    I did the OTA for a friend of mine who has a discover, and it is also rebooting several times a day. I have tried doing a factory data reset, tried going into recovery mode to see if I could do something there - wiped the cache, but couldn't really see anything else to do. There is an ICS zip file on their open source site and I thought of downloading it and seeing if I could somehow reload it as a rom onto the device, but I wasn't sure how to proceed with that. I have searched everywhere. There has to be a way to downgrade to ICS! I'm kind of shocked that the forums are so sparse with information on the Discover. Did that few people buy them?
  8. mandbru99

    mandbru99 New Member

    So I just wanted to give an update. I called Pantech support. They said that to reflash ics on the phone, it would need to be sent in to Pantech and would take 1-2 weeks. That means 1-2 weeks without a phone. Alternatively, it would be considered a warranty issue, and I could go through AT&T to get a replacement. I am going to go the latter route since I don't want to be without a phone for 2 weeks. But it is frustrating that you can't just reflash ics yourself. Nobody knows of a ROM out there that can be flashed?
  9. sandnap

    sandnap New Member

    I am an Android developer who has taken interest in the Discover. I have compiled CWM for it so it's now possible to back up and restore ROMs on this phone. There are two threads about this on the xda forums. I can't post a link but if you go there and search for "pantech discover root and modification" you will find what you need. Chime in there and we can provide you with what you need if you choose to revert.
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