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  1. Empire

    Empire New Member

    What do you think about display(contrast,quality,etc)? it's worse than display of galaxy ace ? or it's better, i see that sony live walkman have 180 ppi and ace have 165 ppi.

  2. Newarvuti

    Newarvuti Active Member

    I don't know about ace, but it is good enough for regular use. Twitter, facebook, msn, some basic games - quality is good enough.
  3. hmds007

    hmds007 New Member

    sony ericsson live is awesome in display.....
  4. Motor_mad

    Motor_mad Member

    The display is of good quality but the contrast is a little low but it is only slight and it doesn't effect my daily use :)
  5. joshfire2007

    joshfire2007 Member

    it has a very good display quality :)

    HSRBNR Active Member

    Display is really good even its resolution is 480*320. But it would be better if this phone had 800*480
  7. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    I think if it has bravia engine, better.
  8. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    its display is way better than that of galaxy ace. I took both phones in each hands when I was making a decision and this one won with much ease. its specs are also better than ace, apart from the screen size. but considering the price difference between the two, this one is pretty awesome!
  9. bbfl

    bbfl Active Member

    Definitely better display than Galaxy Ace. In fact it has really good display for its class!

    P.S. Andima, if you root your phone you can install BRAVIA Engine.
  10. Nahid

    Nahid Well-Known Member

    I'd say display is better that it's competitors. my last phone was htc desire s which had 252 ppi. but my non-expert eyes see no huge difference between them.
  11. NelisC

    NelisC New Member


    Since a couple of days I've noticed that my screen flickers sometimes.
    Mostly when I'm moving my hand while holding the phone...

    Is it possible that the light sensor auto adjusts my screen brightness ?
    If so, how can I turn it off ?

    Thanks in advance,

    (PS : sorry for posting here but I'm new so I can't start a new thread yet..)
  12. bbfl

    bbfl Active Member

    NelisC, I've noticed that too. I was wondering what is going on with the phone screen? Is it normal?
  13. NelisC

    NelisC New Member

    I'm sure now that it is not a problem with the screen, it's the light sensor..
    I was standing near a window and put my finger several times on the sensor and it clearly adjusted the screen brightness automatically.
    Glad that it's not a problem with the screen, now we've only have to find a solution.:p

    EDIT :
    Oh, forgot to mention this :
    I found a widget that you can add to your homescreen "On/Off backgroundlight". (not sure of the name though because my language is set to Dutch)
    It's the first widget in the widgets list..
    If you turn off the backgroundlight with this widget the screenbrightness is not adjusted automatically anymore ;)
    Downside is, the screenbrightness is then set as low as possible. But that's fine for the evening :)


    bbfl likes this.
  14. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    NelisC. yup I use that widget too its called "on/off backlight" its ideal when ur using the phone in darkness, I use the widget when battery is low and when im using it while on bed
  15. rich2626

    rich2626 Well-Known Member

    The display is awesome,especially when comparing it to a phone like the samsung galaxy mini s5570.
  16. arnob007

    arnob007 New Member

    lww have a poor display we know that but my question is if i install bravia engine is it improve it s quality? please some one answer my question?
  17. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    if you had read the above posts, you'd realize that its display is wayyy better than its competitors.

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