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  1. jowa

    jowa Member

    I have a problem with my phone, the brightness setting doesnt work. the screen goes to the semidark screen (the one befored it goes black) and stays there. the only way to get the screen to the brightest setting is to power it off .I was wondering if rooting my htc evo 4g if there was a way to fix it

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!

    Does a reboot correct it completely, or does it just set it back at max, then once adjusted it drops again?

    I'm mot 100% sure root would fix your issue unfortunately. It could be hardware or software. If its software rooting and loading a custom Rom "should" correct it.
    If you're willing to give it a shot, we can gladly help you get things rolling. :)
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  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Putting on a custom ROM might fix that problem if it is a software issue.

    You win this round granite
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  4. jowa

    jowa Member

    a reboot only fixes it temporarily.once i shut the screen off it stays on the semi dark screen. the brightness level will not change if i take it off automatic settings
  5. jowa

    jowa Member

    I have been looking to root my phone thats why I decided to ask on this forum.
  6. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Ok, you want to take the red pill...... :D

    Could you please go under settings / power and uncheck fastboot.
    Once that's done, power the phone down and wait a few moments.
    Hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Hold them down until a white screen appears with Andy riding a skateboard. This is the bootloader or hboot. Could you please type exactly what you find on this screen.
    Once we get that info we'll know what root method to use. :)
  7. jowa

    jowa Member

    ok this is what I have - supersonic evtz2-3 ship s-on,HBOOT - 2.16.0001,MICROP -041f, TOUCH PANEL - ATMELC03_16ac,RADIO-, mar 8 2011
  8. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Ok you have Gingerbread 2.16 hboot. You need to use Revolutionary to root.

    I'm on my phone, currently at work (shhhhh, don't tell them) so I can't link you to the proper thread. :(

    I'll direct you, and maybe someone else would be so kind to send you a link as well. At the top of this forum there is a sticky with all of our root info. Select that and select and read the rooting for dummies Gingerbread edition thread.
    Please read this thread It's really important that you read and understand what you are doing. I read the rooting guide about 5 times before I had the process down and rooted my phone.
    If you are confused or unsure post up a question, we're here to help you. :)
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  9. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    To root read the guide in my sig. Read about 3 times before starting the process also download everything you need
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  10. jowa

    jowa Member

    lol i'm at work also. thank you guys ,I am going to start reading up on this ill probably attemp it this weekend so youll hear from me soon.maybe sooner lol

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