Display won`t turn off during call. Proximity sensor works.Support

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  1. defu

    defu New Member

    Hi there to all droid users and fans. Unfourtanately, my first post here is regarding a problem i have on my sgs2. For almost a week now, the display won`t turn off while recieveing or making a call. I know the proximity sensor is responsible for this thing, so first i tought it`s not working anymore. But, after entering the LCD test mode ( dialing *#0*#) i found out that it is working properly. Any ideas, suggestions you may have? (i tried of course restarting it and searching for any setting possible)...Thank you guys...

  2. anandsesh

    anandsesh New Member

    Is there a tick against "Turn on proximity sensor" under "setting > Call" ? If not tick it.
    Else remove the tick and re-tick it. This should solve the problem. Even I was facing the same in "Galaxy R"

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