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  1. toulky

    toulky New Member

    Hit the Standby button and the screen decreases and disappears into a white line in a deliberate echo of the sequence we'd see in days gone by when turning off an old CRT TV set

    Help I seem to have "lost" this feature which was on phone when I first got it.
    Can anyone tell me how to re-activate it pls

  2. Graffen

    Graffen Well-Known Member

    Nope, it went the same way as the Dodo....
    After the 2.3.4 update it disappeared.
  3. androidfocus

    androidfocus Active Member

    Yeah, after the last (or the one before that) changed the fade-out a bit... white line no more. :cool:
    toulky likes this.
  4. toulky

    toulky New Member

    Well think that is a load of B****cks will be emailing SE an complaining about it. Please feel free to join me :mad:

    Sent email to sales at SE and received reply to post on SE facebook page. Did that nearly 2 weeks ago still waiting for reply !
  5. kmohan1900

    kmohan1900 New Member

    go to settings-->display and select show all animations..
  6. toulky

    toulky New Member

    tried that but think the animation has been deleted when updated s/w:mad:

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