Ditched CM6 and went back to Fresh 2.2

  1. TerrBear

    TerrBear Well-Known Member

    CM6 just had too many quirks for it to work well for me.

    A big one was the dialer - the screen would time out and if I needed to make a selection like, "press 4 for customer service", I would have to push the power buttonm and the phone would hang up. I also like to go to other screens on the phone while talking via the bluetooth headset. Couldn't do it with CM6 if the screen timed out without hanging up on the person.

    Voicemail - I flashed the sprint apk to get visual voicemail back but the notifications were screwy and always sent a text message notification even though I had blacklisted the number.

    It also did not seem much faster than Fresh 2.3 and ate just as much battery or even more even with the Colin battery tweak flashed.

    Finally, the browser that came with it would never open without a force close.

    Oh well, maybe it will get tweaked some more or maybe the EVO is in my future.

  2. chawski

    chawski Well-Known Member

    if youre willing to give it a shot, theres some things you can do to rectify everything you just said...

    As for the dialer, i agree, the stock cm6 one sucks. dl Dialer One from the market and use that. works exactly the same as the stock sense dialer. you can also go into settings to allow the screen to stay on longer when on a call. If the screen does time out, i believe hitting menu will turn it back on. there is also a setting so when you hit the power button (hang up button) once, it turns the screen back on, and twice to end the call

    VM - ditch sprint vvm and use google voice

    Battery - i use setcpu (free for members on xda, just make a login and you can dl it). When im not using the phone for anything other than a call that might come in, you can set it to "powersave". Ive made it 2 days on a charge like this

    Browser - download dolphin hd. I never even bothered to look at what came on cm6, as ive always used this. its pretty much exactly like firefox on your ocmputer, with some cool added features

    Anywho, ive never used fresh, as cm6 was my first rom after rooting and i really havnt had any reason to look elsewhere. to each his own...
  3. dpeeps74

    dpeeps74 Well-Known Member

    CM6 dialer - menu turns on screen, if you want to do other things, you'd do menu to turn it on, then home to get the unlock screen, and you can be on the phone and messing with other things.

    as far as voicemail, not sure, i use google voice.

    i personally am not using the battery tweak, it always ended up affecting my phone poorly, and i find that running just stock with no added tweaks/kernels helps my phone perform well more consistently.

    with the browser issue, did you ever go into manage applications and clear cache or anything? Also, i saw where someone tried installing flash which was causing the browser to force close.

    I honestly haven't really seen any quirks running cm6. a few things are different, but that's how it is with everything. there's always a learning curve or something unique to every ROM. fwiw, i ran fresh 2.4 for about 30 minutes to update my prl and pri, and it seemed to run decent, but my phone runs so well with it's current setup that i nandroided back asap.
  4. bizarrogreg

    bizarrogreg Well-Known Member

    The only reason I don't like CM6 is because of the display using 50-80% of my battery all of the time. Other than that, the ROM was pretty flawless.
  5. themadgreek187

    themadgreek187 Well-Known Member

    i liked it too at first. just rebooted my phone to make a nandroid and it froze. then finally got it to reboot and back to initial setup AFTER i set everything up the 1st time! are u kidding me?
  6. dpeeps74

    dpeeps74 Well-Known Member

    as far as the display using a high percentage of battery, mine shows the same way, but honestly my battery life is exactly the same as it was before cm6. i don't get crazy times, usually i end up on a charger after 6-8 hours at most depending on my usage. i honestly think that display percentage is because of the way something is being reported different more than anything, because it was the same whether i had it full brightness, auto, or dim (40%).
  7. krazeejb

    krazeejb Member

    CM6 was my first ROM and I haven't really had any issues. I know people have run into issues by not clearing cache/davlik cache. Did you install CM6 over an existing ROM?
  8. quagmire

    quagmire Active Member

    I am running the CM6 mod as well and although it has been mostly great so far I have a few complaints too.

    1. The gallery sucks. I liked the simple 2D Sense image gallery. I have a bunch of photos on my hero and it force closes every time I try to use the gallery.

    2. Disappearing memory. When I reboot the phone I have about 60-63mb of free memory when I check Menu > Settings > running services. Later in the day it drops down to about 30mb or so and by then end of the day it is around 11-13mb and the phone lags bad.

    3. My call blocker (Afirewall) does not work with this mod. It picks up and hangs up the call, but I still get a voicemail no matter what.

    4. Just recently I noticed my volume not working. I can reboot the phone and get nice loud volume, but later in the day I notice missed calls then I did not even hear. I check my volume settings and they are turned up all the way, but when I play a ringtone I can barely hear it.

    If I can fix these few issues I would be all :) again.
  9. themadgreek187

    themadgreek187 Well-Known Member

    no i did a full wipe and completely new install. 2nd time around things seem to be ok. i DID NOT install the google addons but they are installed anyways?

    got my rom from here

    [ROM] CyanogenMod-6 for Hero CDMA - V6.0.0 (09/18/2010) - xda-developers
  10. stayclean

    stayclean Member

    1) You can either a) push the 2D gallery from the DarchDroid rom to replace the 3D one or b) use the gallery switcher from the Cyanogenmod forums (I don't have a link on hand, I think I found it through Google) to switch it.

    2) Do you have a lot of apps that use background services running? Lots of widgets? Lots of homescreens? There's a lot of variables. However, I would recommend the Autokiller app (NOT a task killer, just modifies the way the Android memory management system works) set to Strict or Aggressive.

    3) CM6 has a built-in blacklist/call block. Its in Settings > Call Settings > Blacklist

    4) Never had this problem... sorry!
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  11. quagmire

    quagmire Active Member

    1. Thanks I'll look for the gallery switcher.

    2. No. I use gmail and have it set to sync every 2 hours I believe. I also only use 1 of the five screens and it has 12 widgets/shortcuts and the power management bar. That is all I have. When I check under running services I have a couple android native apps, gmail and my firewall. that is it.

    3. I'll try the built in call block/blacklist. Right now I am loading fresh to update my PRL.

    Thanks a bunch.:D
  12. quagmire

    quagmire Active Member

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