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Ditching Eris but to where next...General

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  1. heyjoojoo

    heyjoojoo Well-Known Member

    I cant decide. I know it will be an android and not necessarily a 4G but my budget is $100. I want the larger screensize and solidness (form factor) which is why I was considering these:

    Motorola X2
    Motorola Bionic
    but Verizon recommended the LG Lucid

    Now, can't make up my mind.

  2. Haxcid

    Haxcid Well-Known Member

    I would not listen to Verizon. You can get most any verizon smart phone for less. Wirefly has the LG Spectrum (a way better phone than the lucid) for 99.99
    Verizon just had the razor for 80, AmazonWireless has it in white for 99

    I would avoid any suggestions by Verizon wireless sales people. They are more interested in moving out old stock that they can't sell than finding you the best quality phone for the best price.
  3. wwalding

    wwalding Member

    Yes go with razor... best phon on verizon. 99 dollars now
  4. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    Droid Bionic is now free! Unlike the newer RAZR, the Bionic has a removable battery. Get the extended one for $50, then charge your phone every few days.
  5. OhBe1

    OhBe1 Well-Known Member

    I just switched from the Eris to a Bionic (free on the Verizon website last weekend!) and I'm loving it. I thought I was going to to with the Razr Maxx, but the nearly $200 in savings just made sense. I don't like the camera "bump" on the Razr phones anyway, and I will pick up an extended Bionic battery if I need one.
  6. TheEdge

    TheEdge Member

    I will be retiring my Eris next week. I ordered the free Bionic as well. It is a bit bigger than what I wanted (incredible 4g, which doesn't seem to be coming out anytime soon) but I will deal with it.

    I usually only buy phones that have been out at least 6 months anyways. Let someone else work through the bugs :) Plus the Bionic seems to have a great community, and is slated to get ICS in the fall (something to look forward to). The bump on the back won't bother me much as it will be going in an otterbox anyways.

    Free, Free, Free, Free, how can you beat that?

    Verizon can suck it for their stupid $30 surcharge though.
  7. OhBe1

    OhBe1 Well-Known Member

    I have definitely found this to be true!

    My kids love using my old Eris for games and YouTube (WiFi), and I actually reactivated it for my wife as a transition to her first Android device (Droid Pro). I usually sell my old phones, but I think I'll be keeping the Eris around!

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