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  1. Panthersgba

    Panthersgba Member

    Hey everyone!

    I honestly completely forgot I had an account on here, so many forums everywhere :p

    So, over the past year I have been working on a platformer running solely on android. I have been writing it from the ground up, so it has been taking me a while, but it has finally gotten to the point where it is playable and I released a demo/beta build to the market last week.

    I have been getting good responses from everyone, and a lot of great feedback, and I was wondering if you guys could help me with some feedback on it?


    The game is called Divide by Zero, it is a basic platformer with a built in level editor and some amazing music. The story (once I get there) will be about a man named Vopel, searching the stars for parts of a rumored calculator that could divide by zero. As he gets closer to his goal, the universe begins to try and stop him, the music and art begin to glitch up, and the game starts to fight back, doing its best to keep Vopel from dividing by zero.


    The level editor above shows this level in game:


    The level editor is fairly robust, it was used to make all of the levels currently in the demo (I believe there are 22 in there right now), and I plan on doing a lot with it in the future to make it a bit easier to use.

    I am hoping to get feedback/hear about bugs you find. I have found a few that I haven't had time to fix yet because of my internship, but hopefully by the end of the week I can have most of the things fixed.

    As you can see, it has multiple texture packs as well, which is something I plan on leaving in for a final release, allowing the player to choose their own experience.

    Here is a link to the market, hope you enjoy!


  2. Joe Staff

    Joe Staff Member

    I played it, pretty ok. Needs more content and variety though.
  3. Panthersgba

    Panthersgba Member

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for playing it, glad you semi enjoyed it.

    Two things to note, one, it is a beta release, I am trying to get feedback on the feel of the game, content will come, I just want to make sure everything works before I get to that.

    Second, once I actually have a real artist, and not just the random people that are sending me art packs because they were bored, then I will be able to do more animations and things, but for now I have the core of a game.
  4. Joe Staff

    Joe Staff Member

    If I might suggest, perhaps an object that can be collected in each level. Maybe in out-of-the-way hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Panthersgba

    Panthersgba Member

    I see, kind of like in the newer mario platformers with the golden coins? That would be interesting...hrmmmm...I will have to figure out a way to do that, would give replay-ability to the levels at least.

    I will try to figure that out for the update after next, this next one is more of a bug fixing one right now.
  6. Joe Staff

    Joe Staff Member

    It would definitely appeal to the more modern gamer, at least to a mobile gamer.

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