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  1. Aravindan

    Aravindan Well-Known Member


    I completed the VOD DIVX registration process after getting the key for my device from Settings>About phone>Legal Information>License settings.

    Got the registration divx file after activation and copied the same onto my Samsung Galaxy S. On running the same, the video displayed info that my device is now registered to Divx and can play the files.

    However, now when i copy files and play them, the file plays flawlessly, but after 5-10 seconds, I get a popup message "Sorry, this video cannot be played." with an OK button on top of the video which continues to play. Once I click OK, the video closes.

    This is so frustrating! The video is playable but the OS still doesn't recognize the same.

    Is there a solution for this?

    ~ Aravindan

  2. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    I never heard before that you have to get the license to play Divx files.

    Anyways go to the android market and download "rockplayer". Its free with ads though. It plays almost any format. Much better than the default player when it comes to playing different formats.
  3. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    had the same problem here, but mine didn't even play and said I don't have the rights to play it or something
    I went and played it using rockplayer, even though it didn't play it 100% correct , it was enough for me (low frame rate)

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