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DivX registration

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  1. khalil74

    khalil74 New Member

    hi all,

    i got an unlocked LG Eve, also i have the DivX registration code, how to register ?

  2. SpL3rG3

    SpL3rG3 Active Member

    go to Register Your DivX Device | DivX.com

    you need to download the Divx player to your PC and register through that. Divx will create a small video file that you need to transfer to your phone and play. once its done you're registered. not sure if its the same for anyone else, but I had to download a video player from the market as the player that comes with the phone was very choppy when playing divx movies.
  3. ShiMalaika

    ShiMalaika New Member

    How do I register my galaxy tab.

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