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DIVX VOD registration helpSupport

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  1. troubleshooter

    troubleshooter New Member

    I have registered completely on my galaxy 3
    but the last step to play the video on the device dint work out
    the sound was crystal clear but no video.
    can any 1 help??????

  2. sooraj

    sooraj Member

    same prob here!!!only audio!!and no video!!!
    and divx is still unregistered!!!
  3. sooraj

    sooraj Member

    the .divx isnt even recognised by the phone!!!
    but thru the player audio plays wid no video!!!:(
    and the funniest part is the video file dint even play properly wid the divx player i installed in my pc for this regn process!!no audio in dat!!!:)
  4. leon1z

    leon1z Active Member

    can anyone help me to use/resign DIVX VOD plz , the manual is too hard to understand
  5. leon1z

    leon1z Active Member

    lol ..... now i'm having a same prob as you guys
  6. bbohica

    bbohica New Member

    Did you guys ever solve this? I'm having this problem as well.


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