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  1. niteNarmor

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    Decided to write up instructions on how to change your PRL in a step by step procedure as this way is the only way I have learned everything I have done. This is actually very simple to do.

    Just wanted to return the favors of others.

    Thanks go to Slayer72 for one set of instructions, h2o for a very nice find
    and CasDroid for an equally nice find.

    DISCLAIMER: The codes involved in this procedure require you to enter into the phone menu. Changing, modifying, or playing around inside these menus CAN AND WILL result in undesired affects to include but not limited to a bricked phone. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.


    Prerequisites - CDMA - MSL code - PRL file/files

    First thing you need is CDMA Tools - Link -> CDMA

    Install on your computer.

    Again, the below codes are AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

    Sprint users - If you are a custom ROM Method #1 will not work for you. The apk responsible for this will not reboot as it should nor will CDMA find your device properly.

    To get your MSL code

    Prerequisites - Rooted device and Terminal Emulator

    1. Start your Terminal Emulator app
    2. TYPE "su" (without quotes)

    You will see:

    3. Type getprop ril.MSL

    The above IS case sensitive.

    The six number code is your MSL.

    For Sprint PRL's -> SPRINT PRL'S
    For Boost PRL's -> reserved - Do not have any at the moment (help any one)

    Method #1 (Thanks to Slayer72)

    1. Bring up your stock dialer.
    2. Type ##7678#

    3. Type in your MSL Code.
    4. Then tap DM for DM Mode - It will reboot and come back up under DM Mode.
    5. Now you can go back to DFS CDMA Tool.
    6. Click Port.
    7. Double click the Diagnostic Serial Port - This will enable you to use for the port it'll flash the PRL on.
    8. Click connect after the port selection box.
    9. Now click in the SPC box and put in your MSL Code and click the blue button to the left of the box, in the log window you should see something to the effect of DEVICE UNLOCKED.
    10. Now click on Programming Tab.
    11. Then click the NAM Tab.
    12. Then under PRL to the right click the READ button.
    13. Once it shows your current PRL then click SAVE button to backup your current PRL.
    14. After that's done click LOAD to load in the PRL you wanna try.
    15. After it shows in the box click write and look at the log, at the end of it it'll say complete.
    16. Now bring up your stock dialer again and type ##7678# enter your MSL Code, then click UMS, then it'll reboot, now you can go to about phone then status and see if your new PRL is displayed.

    Method #2 (Use this if stock)

    1. Bring up your stock dialer.
    2. Type ##8778#

    3. Tap USB.
    4. Follow steps 5-15 in method #1.
    5. Goto "Settings" - "About Phone" - "Status" to see your new PRL.

    Method #3.1 (If Sprint Follow this)

    1. Reboot into CWM.
    2. Plug phone into computer.
    3. Follow steps 5-15.

    Method #3.2 (If Boost Follow this) Thanks h20

    1. Follow steps 1-4
    After device reboots [now in dm mode]

    2. Reboot into CWM.
    3. Plug phone into computer.
    4. Follow steps 6-15.
    5. Reboot and enjoy your new PRL.

    Method #4 (Use if Stock or Rooted - Boost or Sprint) (Thanks to CasDroid)

    Use this method if getting into your phones actual programming is too risky for you. This method does not change your PRL to whatever you want but it does give you is the best PRL for your location.

    1. Make sure you have your msl number (refer to steps above)
    2. Make sure wifi is turned off and data is on
    3. Turn phone off
    4. Pull battery
    5. Wait 2-3 minutes (to clear cache)
    6. Insert battery and reboot (allow sd card to finish scan at reboot)

    7. Go to dialer and enter ##72786#

    8. Enter msl and press "ok" (you will see a dialogue box that says "SCRTN is change to factory default value for DSA")
    9. Select "yes" (phone will reboot...again allow sd card scan to complete on reboot)
    10. A screen will pop up that says "we will now activate your device. Contacting network please wait" (this is the hands free activation screen)
    11. When that is complete, the screen will say "congratulations device activated"
    12. Select "ok" (no quotes)
    13. The next screen will say "checking for PRL update please wait." When this is complete, it will say "PRL has been updated press ok to continue"
    14. Press "ok" (no quotes)
    15. The screen will now say "checking for firmware update please wait"
    16. When it is completed, press "ok" (no quotes)
    17. The screen will say "device will reboot" - press "ok" (no quotes)

    Once rebooted you can go to settings, status, and you will see your new prl. If for any reason you don't see the message from step 10 after entering msl and rebooting, simply reboot phone (don't pull battery), and you should be able to continue from step 10.


  2. niteNarmor

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  3. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Very NICE Tutorial man, I say it should be stickied!! MODS HOP TO IT!! :D :p

    EDIT: I sent Scary Alien a PM asking him to add this to his All Things Root Guide Sticky... :D
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  4. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Was not possible with out you.
  5. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thank you!!!!!!
  6. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    No problem man, it's been added to Scary Alien's All Things Root Guide Sticky at the top of the forum... :)
  7. Slayer72

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    Aww shucks, twas nothin lol, you got me blushin now!! lmao!! :p
  8. niteNarmor

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    LMAO :party::party:
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  10. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    Method #3 (Thanks to h20)

    1. Reboot into CWM
    2. Plug phone into computer
    3. Follow steps 5-15.

    should be
    steps 1-4
    after device reboots [now in dm mode]
    boot into clockwork. then connect cable
    follow steps 6-15
    reboot and enjoy your new PRL

    windows will show diagnostic port while booted in clock work even if not in dm mode but DFS wont be able to unlock the device unless you have booted in dm mode first then boot into CWM
    this is a work around for those that are on roms that for whatever reason wont make the diagnostic port available even after rebooting in dm mode
    basically after rebooting in dm mode you only see your device as a modem make sure you have the correct drivers installed if that's OK and you cant connect to or see the diagnostic port.
    then try this method. niteNarmor maybe you can write this better. i am by no means an expert on this subject. this is just what worked for me.
  11. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    I understand. Not a problem but doing the steps I did after you told me about clockworkmod works. On Sprint ROM's the DM does not reboot. So by going straight into CWM, DFS does see and read what it is suppose to.

    This method was tested by myself and worked.
  12. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    ohhhh ok.... on my boost starscom rom it worked as stated in prior post just as long as folks can see what there options are.. even though it might be some what confusing.

    So by going straight into CWM, DFS does see and read what it is suppose to.
    when i tried it without dm mode on "boost starSCrom" DFS did see it. and DID connect but did not unlock the device, after sending spc just hung on searching device..
  13. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Do me a favor and test method #3 as stated in the OP. Trust and believe it works. If you have your MSL and enter it into DFS then it will still unlock, read and write.
  14. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    see edit post 13
  15. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    It works, reads, and writes on MegaTron. Has to be difference in ROMS or Boost vs. Sprint. I tried one time and took the hiddenmenu.apk from starSCrom because the hidden menu would not let me reprogram phone in MegaTron. So I changed apks to see if that was it. It was not. I could not reprogram even with that apk.
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  16. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    idk bud it must just be my rom.i have done so much to this rom i cant even remember it it all so that may play into it to. like i said this is just how it worked for me.. interesting though.. when i get time i will try it on a different rom been meaning to flash mega-tron and give it a try anyway
  17. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    For the time being, I have edited the OP to reflect the changes you described. The changes will stay until another Boost user can confirm or deny.
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  18. CasDroid

    CasDroid Active Member

    you asked for boost prls, so thought I'd let you know, I'm zip code 29501 (Florence, SC) and mine synced to 61009.

    Which brings me to a thought/question; has anyone considered putting out a post for folks to follow the procedure I posted across the country and then post the boost prl that they get by zip code. People would be able to then find their zip and enter the best prl...would that work? Wouldn't take too long to get a few if folks participated, and no risk as it doesn't do anything brick-able to the phone. Just a thought
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  19. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't think anyone has put out a post on your method, but since you did give me your blessing I will add it to the OP above as method #4 and give you credit.
    As far as "best" prl for area, for people like me who travel all the time, there may not be one for the area. Example, I live in North Carolina and on Sprint. I am in Wyoming for work. No Sprint towers. They belong to AT&T or Verizon. So I was roaming all the time. One day of roaming and no signal was enough for me.


    I flashed a Verizon PRL, now I am not roaming plus have better signal. So best signal for your HOME area yes. Traveling, as long as you have your carriers towers, yes.

    EDIT: Your method has been added to the OP. Thanks for the information.
  20. zomb98

    zomb98 Active Member

    Summerville here.. Small world, huh? :smokingsomb:

    By the way, I also used your method, and got 61009 as well and I'm in zip code 29485
  21. CasDroid

    CasDroid Active Member

    Yep never surprises me just how small..glad it worked
  22. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Be careful with Method #4, you will need to copy your MDN and MSID numbers as when you pull the battery and wait 2-3 minutes then boot back into your system and do the ##72786# to refresh to the nearest carrier tower when the phone comes back up your MDN and MSID numbers aren't there which means you have to reprogram them in...


    1. Bring up stock Dialer
    2. type ##[MSL CODE]#
    3. It will show the Phone Number, if it's not there type it in...
    4. Tap enter button bottom left corner...
    5. Now you'll see MSID number, if it's not there type it in...
    6. Tap OK button bottom right corner and phone will reboot...

    Now everything should work again, I got these instructions from Boost CSR :p
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  23. CasDroid

    CasDroid Active Member

    Thanks Slayer. Now that we've got this extra layer of safety, I will note, I have tried method #4 repeatedly now, and a few times, even with following the directions to the letter, I got the missing MDN and MSID deal.

    However, each time that happen, I just ran the method again from the beginning and it went the way it should the second time. So maybe another suggestion to add to method #4 instructions is..."should you reboot and find missing MDN/MSID, start process over as described and it should be good to go. Should several attempts not work, follow this procedure (enter your recent solution)."
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  24. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Method #4 has been hidden until the exact instructions can be completed. No disrespect to anyone as everyone works hard at what they do to make this as best as it can be. The instructions just need to be exact so noobs can follow.

    EDIT: Steps have been amended. A big thanks to CasDroid and Slayer72.
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  25. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    No problem man, always here to help and give input... :D

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