[DIY] Phone stand / Charging dock

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    Thing you'll need :
    1. two meat trays ( foam meat tray )
    2. Hot glue, epoxy or other types of glue will also work, but hot glue is the easiest and quickest.
    3. A sharp knife
    4. Printer
    5. some coins ( 6 cents in my case )

    optional :
    ruler, sandpaper and Velcro.

    This DIY will cost you :
    2 foam meat trays, 6 cents, glue ( total should be under $1 )

    really great cheap bedside phone stand/ charging dock.

    visit the youtube video below to learn how to make one.

    DIY Phone Stand - YouTube

    p/s : thats my first ever youtube video, i was extremely nervous in the video. Sorry if my voice/accent is hard to understand

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  3. guitarplayer16

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    Nicely done!
  4. ttpm15

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    thanks, if you have a little artistic in you, a bottle of spray paint will make this stand look a lot better ( be-careful though, some spray paint will melt right through the foam. )
  5. Great idea! :D
  6. ttpm15

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    thanks guys, mine still hold up pretty well after 6 months of usage.

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