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DLNA/SMB slide show with DLNA/SMB music

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  1. Michael7s

    Michael7s New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 21, 2013
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    I'd pay for a picture slide show app that draws photos and music from an DLNA or SMB location on my internal network and plays them randomly. Ideally, this would run native on my Samsung Smart TV.

    The app would allow us to have music and a montage of family photos coming from the TV all day. Nice.

    There are plenty of apps that pull photos from DLNA (or web based services), but I haven't found one that can simultaneously play my music (DLNA or even Pandora channel would be good). I also can't find one that will randomize pictures while traversing a subdirectory structure. So far we've achieved this with a dedicated WD-TV hardware unit. It'll play a slide show, and Pandora/DLNA music, but is not random and does not reliably traverse subdirectories for photos. It just plays the same sequence every time.

    So to be different, this App must accept SMB/DLNA address and have ability to crawl subdirectories. The app must truly randomize photos/music rather than play the same sequence every time.

    Nice to have: Filters such as "date taken", "name contains", genre, other tags
    Nice to have: transition effects, speed control
    Nice to have: volume leveling for music
    Nice to have: saved preferences

    Thoughts? Have I missed anything?


  2. Zwendel

    Zwendel New Member

    Aug 28, 2013
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    I'm looking for exactly the same thing and also to be used in combi with a Samsung smart TV. Any luck yet in finding a solution?

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