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DNA first impressionsGeneral

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  1. chassum

    chassum Well-Known Member

    Professional reviews are all well and good, but now that DNA day is finally here, there should be a lot of real people doing real things with real phones. Mine will be waiting for me when I get home from work. Until then, keep me amused with your first impressions of your very own Droid DNA ;)

  2. Bearcats

    Bearcats Well-Known Member

    I think there should be a thread *ahem* stickied so we can read all the new users input with great relish all in one spot.

    I for one really look forward to everyone posting about likes/dislikes on the new phone! :D
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  3. stkorn97

    stkorn97 Well-Known Member

    Ill be abusing this phone once I get home from work. Cant wait!
  4. mush10

    mush10 Well-Known Member

    I just picked mine up. The size is great. I haven't done a thing with it but will be using it throughout the day if their are questions. Having done nothing with the phone, the available storage is 11.15 GB. You can uninstall themes and am trying to see if anything else can be removed.
  5. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

  6. Randino

    Randino Well-Known Member

    Sitting at the VZW store waiting on someone to help me, the" receptionist" looked at me like I had a third eye, when I asked about it since it isn't on display anywhere. Not looking good at the moment.
  7. bgillyjcu

    bgillyjcu Well-Known Member

    Got mine at about 11am today. Loving it so far, but doing mostly updating and customizing so far. I'll report back as things impress me or disappoint me, but so far 100% loving this phone!!
  8. Hoss

    Hoss Member

    Just did a quick tour of a T-mobile shop (They had a Note 2 to check out) and my local Verizon store.

    The Verizon store had a HTC rep on hand to answer questions. I picked it up, looked for a way out of the demo mode and instantly was looking at the familiar HTC splash screen as it rebooted (familiar because I own the HTC Thunderbolt).

    It does it's thing and reboots (quickly, I might add) and then I go back to playing with it...reboot #2.

    HTC rep and Verizon employee come over in a panic, explain that the demo mode is to blame and not the actual phone and they put the "normal" phone mode up. From there it ran fine. Fast, snappy, and the screen looked great. HTC rep couldn't do anything to calm the battery life worry and sited many of the same sites/links we already have here in the forums about how it's being blown out of proportion.

    Screen was awesome, but I wasn't blown away to the point of buying it on the spot. After owning the Thunderbolt I swore off HTC, but this phone's specs drew me back in. Suppose my best move is to wait and see how things shake out in the coming weeks.
  9. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    Whats funny is my old DINC1 fits within the screen of the DNA, lol. Overall its a cool phone but the small memory is a kick in the butt.
  10. climberman

    climberman Well-Known Member

    Wow....called a high traffic store in west Denver.......at noon Denver time .....I asked how many DNA's had been sold today ...... Customer service representative said " one " ........wow......

    I called Verizon Corporate customer service ....... asked how to keep my unlimited data plan ( particularly with the poor storage on the DNA ) and the.very helpful representative ( I mean that - he was very helpful ) said I was Tue first call he had today regarding the DNA .......

    Not much marketing of the phone yet but wow.........thought more would he sold.......gonna check a couple more stores ........
  11. zenman

    zenman Well-Known Member

    I was the first on to get it at SF's main store today, there was no line. Beautiful phone!! First complaint is the recessed power button, and it's even harder to push with the verizon silicone case on it. But the case has a raised section where the volume buttons are which make it much easier to push those buttons. Looking forward to a case with the same thing on the power button. Will report more later tonight from Maui!
  12. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    So far just setup, updated apps sent a few text, checked gmail and made one phone call but really liking it so far. Love the fit in the hand better than the Dink1. Will hold off on a cover for now but may go for a Otterbox. ;)
  13. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    I just can't help myself, I don't wanna put any case or screen protector on it....
  14. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    One reason I got the DNA was that it had a stand alone imaging chip which was supposed to be quite the advancement in camera function and speed.

    I will say the camera is FAST on this thing.
    When you click the camera icon the camera is ready in an instant rather than aiming the phone and waiting for the camera to be ready and missing that shot.

    The continuous capture is pretty cool too. It will take a dozen photos before you know it and then you can choose which one(s) is the shot you want to keep.
    It can take photos and video at the same time too.

    I'm still getting used to the phone. It's pretty suite.

    HTC did arrange the softkeys so they are different than the Rezound and take getting used to. Only 3 buttons instead of 4 too.

    Oh yeah. For once HTV/Verizon has the latest OS.
    Android 4.4.1 and Sense 4+
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  15. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    What's the difference between Sense 4+ and Sense 4?
  16. zenman

    zenman Well-Known Member

    Ok, played with the phone all day. I added all my favorite apps i.e., handcent sms, youmail, flashlight etc. Also personalized the screens and set widgets etc. Took some pics including 6 panoramas. I'm using the live "bubbles" wallpaper. Love looking at this screen! Still annoyed by the power button but like I said above, all we need is a case that includes a pad over it and it will be awwwwesome. Battery died after about 12 hours of heavy usage. Music sounds good through the headphones. The external speaker is ok. Need to do more testing there.

    99.9% sure I'll be keeping this phone! :)
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  17. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    users also complained when the Rezound came out about the power button and volume rocker being to flush,i got used to it quick,and some cases like the otterbox has a power extension making it a lot eiser to use.i really want this phone,but the amount of usable storage does not fit my needs,i still cannot figure out why this decision was made to limit it to 16 GB,hopefully sales do good and they will release a 32 GB version,like Google did with the nexus 7.
  18. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    For now I'm opting not to either. Like the look and feel as is. ;)
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  19. red arrow

    red arrow Well-Known Member

    Funny but I know the feeling, had to go with the screen protector but no case for me, why cover up such a beautiful device.
  20. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    charging port protector is annoying. Will definitely get a wireless charger ASAP instead of waiting. LOL :D
  21. Randino

    Randino Well-Known Member

    It is very annoying, hard to get back in, plus the micro usb port is backwards from the Nexus.
  22. climberman

    climberman Well-Known Member

    Wow - My oh My :)............first impressions are wonderful. I have always been a fan of the build quality of HTC and this phone is the best I have experienced. How they made the phone feel so good in the hand is amazing. The form factor is incredible. Surprisingly thin....the round edges are silky.

    The screen is beyond expectations.......it does not matter that the human eye can't discern the pixel count on this phone - just looking at it is all one needs to experience to know the smartphone screen world just went to another dimension.

    The processor is fast - I mean ...... really fast.......faster than fast - takes my Rezound ( which I loved ) and makes it look silly slow.

    The external speaker is at first disappointing ....... not as loud as I expected and almost a little tinny sounding........but after listening to it a bit ......while not powerful it actually sounds quite good - particularly the mid range. Haven't tried the headphones but I am generally pleased with Beats.

    Many comments on the flush volume and power switches - I love them - but coming from a Rezound I am used to flush edges.......however the power button up top......hmmmm.....kind of awkward even for my large hands........

    I plan on spending the day with this bad boy and will pass along more impressions but at the moment I am absolutely loving this phone !!!!!
  23. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, noticed that too. And here I went and put little nail polish dots on each of my chargers to indicate which side went up. Now I guess those dots will tell me which side goes down. :D The battery cover is beyond annoying and I'm so tempted to tear it off but I want to wait untill I'm 1000% certain I'm going to keep the phone (I'm pretty much there but you never know). I'm also really hoping that I get better at pressing that absurd top power button. Words can't even describe how much I hate that. It's virtually impossible to feel by touch alone and it has no travel whatsoever.
  24. bgillyjcu

    bgillyjcu Well-Known Member

    Anyone else having media server be over active? Any ways you've found to make it stop! Could Google Now be impacting that?
  25. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Loving mine so far. After using it more, I'll weigh in, but initial impressions are awesome so far. Battery life seems good as well, time will tell though.

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