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Do Ads from free apps drain battery?

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  1. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Well-Known Member

    Do the ads in free apps drain your battery? How do they work. Are they always connected to online? Well, i dont have any problems with the apps on my phone because they dont even show up. Does that drain my battery even more? I have a rooted phone and in all my apps that have ads only show some white circle showing that something is loading but no ads show. My battery only lasts 8-12 hours of use. And it sucks.

  2. tom108

    tom108 Well-Known Member

    they will have no significant effect on your battery.
  3. xliderider

    xliderider Well-Known Member

    For better battery life, underclock your Droid when in standby/sleep. So your SetCPU setting should be something like 250Mhz min/800Mhz max, or whatever you want the top end to be.

    FYI, I usually run at 500 Mhz except when using the browser, then I bump the CPU up to 800Mhz for faster page loading.

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