Do I have a dev phone

  1. df9517

    df9517 New Member

    I baught my Android phone in China. It seems to be unlocked because I can use it with China mobile. I have upgraded the firmware to 1.1 as most others. Its the HTC dream but it says t-mobile on it. The phone came in a T mobile box.

    What kind of phone do I have? Is it a dev phone?

    How will I get 1.5, by automatic update function?



  2. df9517

    df9517 New Member

    Its a black back with small google text.

    I paid approximately USD 425 but in Chinese money.

    Build: kila-user 1.1 PLAT-RC33 126986 ota-rel-keys,release-keys
  3. df9517

    df9517 New Member

    OK :) didn't know it was rooted. So do you think it was sold originally with a T-mobile account then?

    Hope it won't be any problems to upgrade to 1.5.

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