Do I have a MSL or not?

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    I am starting to believe that my phone doesn't use a MSL. I have tried connectbot, terminal emulator ,and the find my MSL app @ the bottom of the page, all off which fail to give a result of a MSL # I have the Samsung SCH s738c Centura w/ the new centura1.0 rom by AndroidArea51 and the phone of course is rooted. So, what is up...Am I misunderstanding the point at which the MSL is no longer relavent or used or is is that well hidden in this phone? I also cannot find the emulated phone dialer that I keep seeing on different sites, (black and green) which seems to be used to dial the ##data# to get the MSL result. Please help.

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    YES~!!! What he said! Now, I am a noob at certain things such as finding the MSL but have some degree of experience in tinkering with a Droid. Google and board searches reveal nothing for me either.
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